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Why Southeast Asia is a Great Home Base for Travel Writers

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Southeast Asia has long been a great budget travel destination, but in this day and age of location independence jobs, it’s become a haven for people whose office consists of their laptop and an internet connection.

If you’re a travel writer who is not tied down to a particular place, look into heading to SE Asia to live, work, and travel.

BootsnAll has recently published some great articles and resources to better help you travel around the region:

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Learning from TBEX

By khammel | 1 Comment »

For an aspiring writer or a travel blogger looking to hone his or her skills, a travel conference or tradeshow can be a vital tool. For travel bloggers, the TBEX conference is one way to meet others in the industry and learn from those who had found success. This year’s TBEX, held in Vancouver, was a mixed bag for many. Some people complained about logistical issues and a lack of depth in the conference sessions, while others raved about the execution and picked up new ideas from the presentations. Among those that stood out were sessions on SEO, how to add more research and depth to your blog posts and how to improve your writing, including how to avoid common travel writing cliches and lazy language.

For some the most important lesson of all the things to learn from TBEX was about the importance of networking. The conference sessions are important, but what many attendees (of any conference) find is that the true value of the admission can be found in the hallways, at social events, and over coffee. This is where people could ask questions of people they admired, find people who were also writing in their niche, and trade ideas about what works and what doesn’t. Panels presentations may offer tips and ideas, but talking to others in the same world can help you figure out how to make those ideas work for you.

If you missed out on TBEX this year, consider making plans for the 2012 event in Keystone, Colorado. Tickets are on sale now, and event organizers promise that the resorts will be offering significant discounts on lodging for attendees. It’s also easier to find cheap flights to Denver than it is to Vancouver, so this should make for a more affordable event overall than it’s 2010 counterpart. And if you’re serious about travel blogging, the investment can be well worth the cost.

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Top Tips for Attending a Travel Writing Conference

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Travel writing conferences and tradeshows are one of the best ways to further your career as a travel writer. Not only can you get practical tips to improve your skills, but you’ll also make valuable connections with other writers and editors who may want to work with you in the future. While TBEX - or the Travel Blog Exchange - may be one of the events getting the most buzz from bloggers right now, it’s not the only option; there are several other conference to consider depending on what you want to gain and what type of travel writing you do.

If you’re a blogger looking to improve your writing skills, network with other bloggers and learn about the nitty-gritty of running a blog (things like SEO and monetization), TBEX is a great choice. If you’re more concerned with honing your writing skills and want to get some face time with the experts, attending the Book Passage Conference or Rolf Potts’ Paris Writing Workshop might be a better option. And if you’re more interested in covering the industry side of things or want to see what’s new in the world of travel, PhoCusWright or a tradeshow like the LA Times Travel Show might be ideal for you.

No matter which event you choose, make sure you get the most out of it by going in with a plan. Though these events have a largely social component, it’s important to remember this is a professional opportunity and treat it as such. You should go in with a list of people you want to meet and a brief “elevator pitch” that explains who you are and what you do. For example, if you’re interested in writing for BootsnAll, a quick intro about your writing experience is and what types of travel/destinations you can cover could land you an article assignment, or at least the invitation to talk more about the idea. This makes a much better impression than fumbling for your words as you try to come up with a concise statement on the spot.

For more, check out our article on how to make the most out of travel writing conferences to better prepare. And if you can’t attend the conference of your choice this year, take heart that there are more ways to reap the benefits even if you can’t be there in person. Follow the conference hashtag on twitter to get snippets of wisdom from the presentations, watch the event’s livestream if it has one, and stayed tuned for conference wrap-ups like our post on lessons from TBEX. After most conferences, the organizers and attendees will post their thoughts, ensuring that you can learn even if you can’t be there in person.

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Learn Travel Writing from Rolf Potts

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Aspiring travel writers looking to hone their skills can learn from one of the best - Rolf Potts - at the Paris Writing Workshop, July 1 - 29, 2011. Join Rolf and other successful fiction and nonfiction writers for courses on travel writing, fiction, poetry, screenplays, memoir and more. The month-long course costs $3,600, housing, airfare and expenses in Paris are extra.

All classes are taught in English, and applications are due May 31.

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Travel Around Asia, Blog About Food, Get Paid $10,000

By khammel | 1 Comment »

Travel around Asia, sampling the exotic cuisine of Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea, and get paid $10,000. It’s a dream “job” that one lucky person will be selected to do on behalf of Pei Wei Asian Diner. The chain restaurant is searching for someone to follow along with the executive chef as he travels to five countries over two weeks, looking for inspiration for new menu items.

The person chosen will taste their way across Asia while blogging and posting photos and videos about the experience. In return, they get an amazing trip and the tidy sum of $10,000. According to the site, requirements for the job are “a talent for writing, a boundless appetite and willingness to experiment with the unknown, an eye for the unforgettable image and the ability to capture it, comfort both on-camera and behind the lens, a spontaneous spirit but a grounded work ethic, and a passion for Asian cuisine.”

Think you have what it takes? You’ll need to go to the site and create an account, build a profile, and post at least one (and up to five) blog posts, plus up to five photos and one link to a video on YouTube. Five finalists will be selected in early January, with a winner picked on Wednesday, January 19. All profile submissions must be received by Monday, December 20.

[via Gadling]

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Guide Gecko Announces 2010 Guidebook Competition

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The Travel Guidebook Online Bookstore GuideGecko have a launched the 2010 edition of the GuideGecko International Writing Contest. Do you have a self published ebook that needs some recognition? Here’s your chance to get it out there.

All travel, food and lifestyle guidebooks can be submitted. The winning titles will be showcased at the world’s largest book fair in Frankfurt, top prize is a personal trip to the fair. A big opportunity to meet and mingle with renowned publishers and to expose your titles to over 299,000 visitors and 10,000 journalists. GuideGecko has also partnered with Insight Guides and the 3 winning titles will be displayed at their booth!

Submission deadline is September 15, 2010. All new and previously published titles can be submitted. You keep all copyrights, participation is free, and you even earn on every sale.

Click Here for More Info.

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Be the Next BootsnAll Travel Writer!

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Is being a travel writer your dream job?

We’re excited to launch the BootsnAll Travel Writer platform — a partnership with passionate travel writers to create expert-driven content on your favorite destinations and topics.

Current Opportunities:
Destinations: Amsterdam, Australia, France, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ireland, Las Vegas, London, Mexico, South Africa, or you tell us!
Themes: Adventure Travel, Business Travel, Round the World Travel, TEFL, Travel Gear or you tell us!

How It Works:
You get to focus on your passion — travel writing; BootsnAll covers the technical aspects.

Weekly tasks: feature article writing, blog posts and social media interaction

Time commitment: up to 10 hours/week

Compensation: base pay of $100-500/month with profit sharing of 30-40%. The base pay is based on how much content is produced. Some destinations will require more content than others….that’s why the variance in base compensation.

The “fine print”: Just like a guide book, your content will have a copyright and non-compete, but unlike traditional guide books, BootsnAll shares the profit (up to 40%) with each writer!

If you love independent travel, fancy yourself to be an expert, and want to get paid to write about a destination you love, fill out the BootsnAll Travel Writer Platform application by Monday, March 15, 2010.


What if I’m interested in more than one location?

Just submit one application and then list several locations you’re interested in, but make sure to include your “favorite” location.

How much can I expect to get paid?
As a starting BootsnAll writer you will be paid according to the work that you do, which roughly covers feature articles, blog posts, social media participation and other marketing activities. After your BootsnAll site has become profitable, the profit sharing will be between 30-40%.

Couldn’t I just start a travel blog and make money on my own?

Yes, the Internet is full of travel blogs and guides. In fact, that is why we are starting this program. The web is full of a lot of crap… and writers and content producers are, in general, not perceived as a valuable part of the process. What makes the BootsnAll Travel Writer Platform unique is that it’s a partnership between an established travel company and writers. We leverage our network, technology, and processes so you can leverage your passion. Win, win!

What happens if I quit?
Your content stays with your site. We are not looking for people that “quit”. We are looking for a commitment of at least 3 years. It takes time to build the best site for your destination or theme on the web. Please don’t apply if you are looking for some short term writing contracts.

Can I still write for other companies?
Absolutely. We ask that you keep all of your “destination-specific” content for your Bootsnall site (which can still be published offline), but you can write about anything else, anywhere and everywhere. For example, if you’re our WhyGo Australia writer, you’ll need to publish all of your Australia writing on WhyGo Australia, but you can still write about Morocco or your favorite German beers for the New York Times. Why? Because we are giving you training, proprietary information and resources on how to build these sites as well as a chunk of the profits. We won’t compete with you, so we expect the same.

Can I still write about my destination on my personal blog?
The line here isn’t quite as black and white as that between writing about your destination for both BootsnAll and for another paid online publication (which we ask that you not do). While we understand that you may already have a blog that features content on your destination or theme, we don’t want “double-dipping” so to speak. We’re making a commitment to you, and we’d like you do the same for us — with your best material helping to build the best guide for your destination, so that you can reap the most rewards. In other words: we don’t want the destination material on your own blog to compete with the material you’ve posted on your BootsnAll site.

When do I get paid?
You will receive a monthly base pay via direct deposit/check on the 15th for the previous month’s production and profit.

What are your expectations?
We’re stoked to be offering this partnership to travel writers, so our expectation is that you will be too! We’re looking for passionate travel writers, so if you’re just looking to pick up a bit of freelancing and are only mildly interested in travel, the partnership won’t work.

What do I actually have to do?
It depends on the location or theme that you are writing for. We have an in depth content plan for each site, but in general, you’ll be writing features, blog posts, spending time within social media circles, and researching. Check out our WhyGo Italy travel guide for an example.

I’m not sure I should apply, should I?
If you can answer yes to all of the “5 Reasons to Apply” then it’ll probably be a great fit. Check out the video by our CEO Sean Keener on “Who this writing platform is a good fit for”. It doesn’t hurt to apply and at the very least, get a conversation going.

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Tim Leffel Wants to Hear Your Thoughts For A New Book on Travel Writing

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Author of World’s Cheapest Destinations and publisher of the excellent ezine Perceptive Travel, Tim Leffel, is working on a new book on Travel Writing. He’s looking for professional and aspiring travel writers to let him know what they want to learn about travel writing:

“I agreed to do a book on travel writing that will come out next year. It’s not the usual rundown on query letters and deadlines though. It’s going to be more about how “breaking into travel writing” is a lot different than it used to be and a map on to navigate the new digital age.

I’m not so bold to think I have all the answers, so I’ve got 52 writers from my network helping me out with their experiences, as well as a slew of editors with advice to share.

But it would be nice to hear what you’re dying to know. If you’ve ever wanted to make some money as a travel writer or you’re just curious about some aspect of it, what questions would you like to have answered?”

If you’re interested in helping out, leave a comment here.

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Written Road on Facebook and Twitter!

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We love getting feedback and tips from out readers, so be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Just another way to stay in touch and up to date on everything that’s happening in the travel publishing industry!

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Translators and Language Specialists Needed for Where I’ve Been

By Anna Brones | Add a Comment »

Although this market lead isn’t directly related to travel writing, many traveler writers out there are also used to taking advantage of their language skills for translation services. This post is just for you!

The travel site Where I’ve Been is currently looking to expand its community by making it accessible in multiple languages. They’re looking for people capable of translating the following languages:

-Mandarin Chinese

Email eddie[at]whereivebeen[dot]com for more information and to discuss compensation.

More info here.

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