Everyone Wants To Work At National Geographic, Don’t They?

Come on, most likely if you’re a travel writer now, at some point in your life you dreamed of working with National Geographic.

Well, here’s your chance. I’m a firm believer that dreams come true…and they happen a little faster if you’re willing to put in a great deal of hard work, dedication and persistence. The $100 add on to this list is of course successful networking…but that’s a whole different topic all together.

For all of you NGS wannabes…get out there. Do it. Sign up. Get that foot in the door and work your way up to the position you want. Here’s you lead. Here’s the door. Open it.




Job opening for a National Geographic Writer.
Here is the listing on JournalismJobs.com

Job opening for a National Geographic Researcher.
Here is the listing on JournalismJobs.com

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13 thoughts on “Everyone Wants To Work At National Geographic, Don’t They?

  • Heather Tomlinson

    I would love to work for National Geographic. I love to travel and write, so the job would be perfect for me. I would give 110% please help my dream come true, let my world be full of adventures. -Heather

  • Jen Leo

    Here is the National Geographic job page:

    There’s not a whole lot I can do to help except point you in the right direction which is what I try to do here on Written Road. If you’re new to this blog, stay tuned. You can also get a lot of good advice from Rolf Pott’s web site http://RolfPotts.com.
    And if you’re new to travel writing, go through the archives right here and see if there’s any advice that would be helpful.

    Good luck, Heather.

  • chantal

    my long time ultimate dream is to become a researcher for national geographic. I find nothing more exciting than to investigate the great mysteries which surround us in the world. Such a career would mean dedication, challenges,yet such a rewarding life. how do I even go about getting started?!

  • Yulianto Hadi

    I really want to join with and work for national geographic as cameraman. More than 4 years I work as cameraman in local television in Indonesia. I love to travel all over the world. I have been in many places in my country, but not in other country. Here I am looking forward to joining National Geographic. I want to learn how to make beautiful picture which has deep meaning.

  • Zack Austin

    Hello all – I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. It is also a dream of mine to work for National Geographic. I am currently in film school and honestly would rather take on an opportunity with National Geographic than go into huge blockbuster productions – it just has a much more rewarding feel to it. Anyone’s input on how I could fulfill this dream would be appreciated!!

  • Roz

    I have worked for a small commercial audio visual production studio as the in-house digital video editor. I also had to fill in the roles of anything from a camera operator to a print designer on ocasion. I have been travelling around Asia for the last 2 years and I have always dreamed of one day working for National Geographic and because I am still in my early twenties I am still learning new skills and developing my creativity. I have started training in adventure/advanced scuba diving and I am really keen on learning anything that will lead me towards my dream of working for NG. If anyone has any advice on where to go from here please mail me.

  • Erich O'Mara

    I am gonna be outta school in 2 years and if I could get even an internship at national geographic to be a cameraman that would be a dream come true because I have always wanted to become a NatGeo cameraman who travels the world in Sub-arctic to hot climates and capture images of animals and there habitats. How can I do this??? By the way I am extemely hard working and anybody can vouch for me…

  • sandy

    Respected sir,
    My self-mr.patil sandeep. s. I live in India at maharastra & iam educated person. Appearing B.A (S.Y.B.A.), having knowledge computer hardware and networking (course complete) and iam very smart &young 22 years old. Able to work in pressure because of iam understanding & knowledgeable person, even hard worker as well as loyal and I would like to worhk with national geographik and i like travel And please send me details.
    Waiting for our replay…

    Thanking you, you’re sincerely

  • Jodie

    I think everyone has great ambition, and you should start taking pictures and writing everyday…because your own environment is an adventure in itself, and once you appreciate your surroundings you will have a better eye/apprciation for others. Don’t be so eager to travel everywhere, your life and where you are now is an adventure! Work hard and your dreams will come true!

    *that’s my two measly cents*

  • vasilis giannaris

    just this ,i work as cameraman in local television in cyprus for 2 years.my dream to work in national geographic never come true,i hope some day to be,like i dreaming from child.

  • joanna

    i dreamed of working for national geographic since my early teens. i’ve travelled a lot, however my job experience so far is mainly aministrative. i know NG is opening this huge flagship store in London, where I am based now. can anyone give any tips on how to apply for their positions there??