Monthly Archives: June 2003

Why Write a Book?

There's a fascinating discussion about why people want to write a book at I've read the main post, but still need to go through all the comments to see what everyone else thinks. There’s lots to agree and disagree with. For me the reason to write a book is […]

Hooked Magazine

Have you seen this cool outdoor magazine yet? Hooked On the Outdoors They are taking submissions from freelancers but make sure you pitch your articles six months in advance. Hooked editors like queries, not unsolicited manuscripts. Read their editorial guidelines and study their archives before submitting. Photographers, get your guidelines […]

Stephen King On Writing

I finished reading On Writing by Stephen King. I almost read it in one day, but because I loved it so much I savored the last quarter of the book bit by bit for more than week. I want to take different parts of the book and discuss it with […]

Making it All Work

I didn't know what to write about today. Hence the post at 3pm. This weekend I got a call back from a copywriting job I applied for in San Diego. They want to see my writing samples, which I’m sure I provided in the application as requested. A dad-like friend […]

Sand on the Shelves

I spent the weekend in Portland and got the opportunity to introduce some friends to Powell's Bookstore. We joked ahead of time that we only had an hour to browse. If any of you have been to Powell’s with their multileveled color coded rooms, you know that an hour is […]

BootsnAll Travel Writing Forum

Would you like to talk about travel writing with writers who are embarking on a similar path? Check out the BootsnAll Travel Writers Forum. It's a great place to seek advice, share info, and meet other writers who love travel. I just posted some thoughts on how to break in […]

Father-Daughter Adventure Stories

Seal Press has a submission call out for the next book in their Adventura series. Father-Daughter Adventure Travel Anthology “The proposed father-daughter travel anthology will examine father-daughter relationships in the context of travel, particularly adventure or international travel. The book is not a compendium of father-daughter trips, but a collection […]

2003 Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference

Tim Cahill, Isabel Allende, Don George, Larry Habegger, Jeff Greenwald August 14-17 A few people have been asking me if I thought they should go to the Book Passage Travel Writer and Photographers Conference My answer is YES. If you can afford six hundred bucks ($595), or can request it […]

Sand Out the Door

Good news from Susan at TT. She says that we're through with our initial print run of 10,000 and half way through our second run of 4,000. Plus, only 22 returns so far. This is a good start, and a great start for a small publisher. Let’s keep them moving!