Almost there…

I'm wrapping up my first selection to turn into Travelers’ Tales. But let me tell you, it’s going to be harder to get stories printed, and copied, than it was to choose which stories made me laugh and smile. I’m still in Waterloo and there is no Kinkos.

Compared to last year, here is the difference I’ve seen.

The writing from last year’s original submissions was better. Not necessarily funnier, I remember Sand subs to be well written, but not making me laugh. This year Panties subs are funny, but need work. Or am I just getting pickier?




As for topics, there have been a lot of “I have to pee” stories, and just as many “women running into bad men” stories.

My dedication this year might be to the women who didn’t get in the book, and I don’t mean that in a put down kind of way. You’ll see. There have been some brave and fearless women giving it up for the call of the road.

Speaking of, did you know that we got some happy stories submitted for a humorous misadventure book? Some have been quite pleased with themselves, and all mushy about travel, and that cracks me up. Not enough to put it in, but I’m laughing that they turned it in.

One more week to go.