Global Scavenger Hunt Call for Participants

I just saw this on Travel Video.TV

3rd Annual Around-the-World Travel Competition Looking For Globetrotting Participants”

This is the first year my friends haven’t forwarded the Global Scavenger Hunt application to me. Maybe they know I’ve got better things to do with nine grand.




“Outside magazine calls The Global Scavenger Hunt, “…one of the most amazing trips in the world!” NPR’s “Savvy Traveler” host Dianna Nyad, thinks that GreatEscape “…is just such a great idea!” And nationally syndicated Pierre Wolf of “Pack Your Bags,” agrees saying that the competition is, “The most remarkable travel adventure I’ve ever heard of…truly, a one of a kind global event. This is what travel should be all about!” So far, travelers from over three-dozen countries have applied to join the annual adventure.”

Still, if I were to be sponsored and could team up with either Rolf Potts or Nick O’Neill, I’d do it.

Besides, there is prize money. Decent prize money. Rolf and Nick are the only people I know with enough experience and speed to get us there.

Geez, nine grand plus $60/day? I’d rather give it to my friend to enter the World Series of Poker. Hmmm…well I’m open to discussions with sponsors.