Monthly Archives: September 2004

Motorcycle Diaries

THE MOVIE MD on THE HYPE Win a trip to Peru (from STA Travel), Bolivia from (, or books, soundtracks, and journals (from Lonely Planet) “New Yorker writer and Che biographer John Lee Anderson offers a thoughtful reflection on the ubiquitous Che image. Che, he writes, “lives on […]

The Question Everyone is Asking…

Apparently, the underwear titles are quite a hit. I’m starting to get a taste of what Tim Cahill must go through following his titles like Jaguars Ripped My Flesh, and Pecked to Death By Ducks. Everyone is asking, “What’s the next book going to be called?!” I’ve been telling our […]

Book Deals…The Real Deal

Oh my gosh this is too funny. If I hadn’t been reading Jay Gesin’s Anthem Book Blog, I wouldn’t have seen this piss take on the Publisher’s Lunch Deals. For those of you who are trying to sell your manuscripts, it’s both inspiring and frustrating to watch the big huge […]

No Panties at Powell’s

Yesterday I went in to the Powell’s Travel Store on Pioneer Square. I wasn’t that surprised when I didn’t see a copy of Whose Panties Are These? out on their front tables. I figured they probably just ordered one or two and that they’d be hidden in a travel essay […]

Jest Magazine

Jest: Humor for the Irreverent I just found this from a submission call on Chicago Craigslist. And oh my gosh it’s funny. Unfortunately, I think some of my funniest friends don’t read this blog so I’ll have to send it to them separately. Here is the current issue. Here are […]

Breaking In To National Geographic Traveler

There’s a great thread on Media Bistro from earlier this year about breaking into NGT. Someone who had an intern there gives the inside scoop. Media Bistro Bulletin Board: Topic: National Geographic “I interned briefly for National Geographic Traveler magazine. They do accept queries, but not usually for large features. […]

Influences on an Artist’s Creative Process

I'm in Portland, Oregon with Andrea and Dale. You might know Andrea from Andrea Johnson Photography. She won the 2003 Photo Award at the Book Passage Travel Writer’s Conference. Anyway, she and I were discussing editor/writer or editor/photographer relationships as it pertains to a bigger picture. What is influencing an […]

A Taste of the Rock Star Life

The Panties tour goes to Portland, Oregon. There wasn’t a large amphitheatre, blinding lights, or thousands of fans screaming my name, but the Portland crowd at 23rd Avenue Books came to have a good time and stayed late for the backstage tour. Most of them were friends of Sean Keener, […]