Daily Archives: November 17, 2004


I'm reposting this because it got invaded by spam hackers. I think it is a good one to keep because I know writers who are making money from it. iTravelSyndicate “iTravelSyndicate is an online marketplace for travel content, which includes articles ranging from 200 to 6,000 words. Think of us […]

Global Scavenger Hunt Call for Participants

I just saw this on Travel Video.TV 3rd Annual Around-the-World Travel Competition Looking For Globetrotting Participants” This is the first year my friends haven’t forwarded the Global Scavenger Hunt application to me. Maybe they know I’ve got better things to do with nine grand. “Outside magazine calls The Global Scavenger […]

Women Adventurers in the News

Women. Women. Women. Sheesh! Just kidding. As I write up my interview for GoNomad and answer questions about why we’re doing books by and about women travelers, the ladies keep traipsing through the inbox. David Armstrong reviewed the new Ten Speed Press book, No Place for a Lady: Tales of […]