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Weekly Life/Travel Writing Stats

We have spent the past ten years dvd gearing our business towards regular dvd prints that come from Kodak and bag Fuji that are scanned and then playstation applied to photo products. Digital ps2 imaging and the Internet are transforming contact lens the company into becoming almost ionic breeze a […]

Contact leads for your UK Stories

UKInbound, formerly called The British Incoming Tour Operators Association (BITOA), represents more than 250 British tourism suppliers with 5,000 outlets across the U.K. They’ve got statistics reports and a member search function that gives you some names, should you need contact leads. Here is a link to their Tourism Board/Destinations […]

Lucky #13

We're moving up the charts. Last week we were #14. This week, we’re #13 on the Southern California Booksellers Association bestseller list.(Nov. 7, 2004) Go Panties!

This is a guest post by Michael Shapiro. Grey skies and an election hangover didn’t dampen the mood at Seattle’s Elliott Bay Books on Thursday night as Euro-travel expert Rick Steves joined me (Michael Shapiro) to promote “A Sense of Place.” Steves, author of the Europe Through the Back Door […]

Check it. an online magazine — about “engaged” travel Are you engaged? I am. Save the congrats, it’s not as often as I would like. Thanks for passing this over, John! Gotta love

Contributors Push Our Panties!

Enormous thanks to Canadian contributors Michele Petersen and Colleen Friesen for their efforts in spreading the good Panties word at their Travel Media Showcase in Tucson. Check out their display. One woman approached them and introduced herself as the Brazilian wax job woman. Well ladies, that’s our very funny Cynthia […]

Blogging for Books every month

This is a pretty cool concept. Getting bloggers to write a piece based on a theme, posting it all the same week, and then the panelist choosing winners to get a free book. I was all set to do this yesterday till I started to feel a bit unwell. Today […]