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This has been around for a long while but I just saw it again this morning and wanted to pass it to you.

If you were one of the ones that made a list of 96 New Year’s Resolutions you might or might not get to you swear you’re going to take seriously this year, this reference might help.




Preditors and Editors

Here’s a list of all the stuff they have links and info on:
Agents, Art, Awards, Book Publishers, Chats, Contests, Conventions, Definitions, Editing & Software, Email, Game Publishers, Jobs, Journalism, Magazines, Music, New Opinions, Organizations, Promotional, Related Sites, Resources, Screenwriters, Signings, Submissions, Warnings, and Workshops

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4 thoughts on “Preditors & Editors

  • Tonya

    As an aside, I just finished “Sand in my Bra” — and what a great reading experience that was. The content, the arrangement – everything was fantastic. Great job, thank you for yet another fun, funky travel read!

  • John Goodman

    A closer look at this site reveals that it is written and posted by just one very unsuccessful science fiction/fantasy author Dave Kuzminski AKA “The Butterfly”.

    Following Victoria Strauss’s Sci Fi book promotion methods in her volunteer writers beware page or did she copy Dave’s methods first? Both are self appointed writing scam “experts” without any independent over the shoulder type of fact checking or supervision. Some of their “scam reports” are nothing more than false rumors they started in writer discussion pages and blogs. Each are masters of intimidation and use pen names to post additional comments quickly to contradict and bury any opposing comments in their discussion boards, forums and blogs.

    It has been proven that they both have knowingly posted false statements in their listings. Possibly to take vengeance on some publishers and agents that have rejected them personally or possibly for income through extortion or protection schemes as some companies have reported.

    Both appear to work full time or obsessively to post propaganda to the writers community to support their web site “reports”. Either they are independently wealthy or earn significant income from book sales or as paid bloggers by the competitors of agents and publishing companies that they criticize. Working together they often begin topic threads to reinforce each others misinformation and work to publicize each of their Sci Fi novels. Both represent themselves as scam busting heroes to the writers community, when in fact it is merely their platform to manipulate and deceive naïve writers with their own book sales and profiting schemes.

  • Dave Kuzminski, Preditors and Editors

    Gee, that’s news to me that I have knowingly posted inaccuracies on the P&E web site. In fact, I’d like to know where it’s been proven. So it the allegation about using P&E for extortion purposes. I have never gained any financial reward through extortion. Nor have I tried to. Of course, I could see immediately how accurate your charges are by the fact that I’ve used a pen name of Atk. Butterfly and not “The Butterfly” which you got so wrong to begin with.

    In the meantime, Mr. Goodman, since truth is a defense against libel, I think you should consider revealing your sources for your allegations. I’m willing to speculate right now that you don’t have any reliable sources.

  • Tika

    I also would love to know how such defamatory comments can be made public without backing it up with something more than your opinion. To me, it sounds like sour grapes.
    I do not know Dave or Victoria. However, I did have the need to call on Victoria’s expertise; to which I found her to be professional and very knowledgable on the ‘preditor at large’. She confirmed my suspicions that the publisher that was interested in my works was dishonest. By the way, this publisher’s doors are now closed.
    I’m here again to seek her help. I have again come in contact with a publisher and welcome her assistance.
    So, my opinion here is that I like the services that they offer us. If you do not, feel free to contact someone else for help if you need it.