Globe-Blogging on Rick Steves

So…two websites are traveling in opposite directions on train tracks. If one is using a blog and traveling at the speed of Word of Mouth, and the other is traveling at the speed of Big Multi-Million Dollar Established Following, at which point do the two meet?

Answer is:
A) Last week
B) Never, train turns on turbo jets and flies over little blog
C) Today
D) websites don’t travel on train tracks
E) All of the above

Anyway, it’s only 11:30PM VST, and I’m in need of a drinking buddy. That’s why you get my news delivered in some weird math problem that I don’t even know how to write.




Struth: The Rick Steves crew liked the article I wrote on meeting Rick following the NYT Travel Show and asked me to write a piece on travel blogs for their site.


Pay? Nothing. Exposure? My books and my favorite blogs get in a newsletter that goes out to 200,000 travel enthusiasts. Now, all of you people on the side of the fence that refuse to write for free, I ask you to tell me how this was not worth my while. And for all of you math whizzes, I ask you to fix my question. What do they call them again? I think it beings with a “P”….