The Book Standard Features Distant Lands

Distlands.jpgI was thrilled to see that one of my favorite bookstores, Distant Lands, was the featured bookstore in The Book Standard.

But I caught it through an email and I’d never heard of this cool newsletter/magazine before. And you know how I feel about being the last to know.




Other good news about this article was that Travelers’ Tales Tuscany was their #1 top selling travel narrative. Huh? Was there a big rush on trip to Tuscany recently? I’m thrilled to hear it, but was still surprised since it’s not one of our top sellers over all. Or maybe it is, Susan can chime in. A Mother’s World was also on the list, but that makes sense because it’s almost Mother’s Day.

Do you know what else this gets me excited for? My next tour. But damn if we have to finish this book first!!! So ladies, no, no final answers on the stories yet. Sorry. Reading The Book Standard should keep you busy while I finish it up.