Travelers Tales at Coliseum Books

Travelers Tales Executive Editor Larry Habegger will celebrate the publication of The Best Travel Writing 2005 at Coliseum Books in New York, on Tuesday, June 7 at 6 p.m.

“We’re proud of The Best Travel Writing 2005 because it includes fantastic writing, not just from big-name authors like Pico Iyer and Susan Orlean, but also from writers no one has ever heard of—yet. Many of my favorite stories are from these new writers, stories that engage the mind and the heart and deserve to be considered among the best. Patrick Fitzhugh’s romp in search of Odysseus in Italy teaches him more about himself and his father than he’d ever dreamed. Chellis Ying’s account of her hopeless, door-to-door job selling fake art in Madrid introduces her to a Spain she’ll never forget. Lenny Karpman’s pre-dawn foray into the world’s largest fish market in Tokyo will put a smile on anyone’s face. And when Outside magazine columnist Mark Jenkins pursues a dogged quest to find a remnant of the Burma Road against the prohibitions of the Burmese government, he emerges from his harrowing experience with a disturbing portrait of the effects of official repression.

These are stories deep and profound, not just about some narrowly-defined concept of travel, but about life in all its complexity. That’s what we’ve been publishing for twelve years now at Travelers’ Tales, and I feel privileged to be part of this new series.” —Larry Habegger




Larry will discuss the ideas behind the book and read selections as part of a Gotham Writers’ Workshop seminar on travel writing hosted by David Farley, TT contributor and coeditor of Travelers’ Tales Prague and the Czech Republic.

As David invites on his blog, “Come, pretend to listen, nod your head when you think we’re saying something important, and ask us questions.”