More Cool Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are popping up everywhere. But are people playing closer attention when it’s attached to a big name?

LA Times: The Daily Traveler A great travel news source without the frills. And they’re updating about five times a day. Good stuff.

Jaunted,is co-edited by John Rambow, a Fodor’s editor who used to write one of my fave blogs, the now defunct Right This Way. He is in so much trouble for not telling me he was working on this site, also co-edited by Mark Johnson of




And have you seen The Cool Hunter? They have a travel section that the uber hip will enjoy dipping into. Um yes, a W in the Maldives? I think I need to review it…

Mobissimo, the travel booking aggregator, also has a new blog. MobiBlog shares some industry news, but also reports deals from major hubs like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. What’s different with this deal news alert is that they report the % change in price. I love that. It’s fascinating and I bet people shopping for travel could get hooked on that feature like authors get mesmorized by their Amazon sales ranking. Order their reports by XML, too.