Example of a Good Book Blog

I don’t like my book websites. It’s just kinda what we got. Not a lot went into them, and I REALLY need to spend time updating them, or consolidating them, or something.

But I’ve met several of you who ask me about good author websites, and I wanted to point this one out. I just kinda ran into it, but I think it’s a great model. Easy to read. Aesthetically simple and engaging. And even if you know nothing about the book, like I did when I saw it, you want to check out the reviews, and see what she’s talking about. Most of all, this book blog does what any good blog should do… inspire us to read more.




Girl Bomb

This was done on TypePad. They are great fro bloggers that are new to the scene. Tremendously easy to set up, and affordable. They’re far better than the free blogger set ups.