Suite 101 is Looking for Writers

This might be old news for some, but for those of you who are new to Written Road, check this out.

Make money writing for
Writer Guidelines

Basically they’re looking for writers who can turn in weekly content. It’s not long, and they have several topics to choose from including, travel and culture, and outdoor adventure.

I think if you’re looking to make additional income writing, and you can choose topics of interest that bring in readers, you can make some nice supplemental income. While they pay $2/1000 page views, they also expect topics to bring in 50k page views a month. So, that’s what, $400/month for doing less than what most blogs require. If there are any Suite101 writers out there who’ve taken on this job, please comment on the realities of the position and the pay.

Read on for the full details.

Writers must bring their topic to life, have strong writing skills and:

  • write 1 original, focused, and timely 250- 400-word article/week
  • write 1 promo 200-word blog entry on the topic homepage/week
  • update Topic homepage with features, polls, contests, news etc.
  • respond quickly to readers’ queries and posts in Discussions
  • improve site metrics: #page views, length of visit, return rate etc.
  • ensure content has keyword density, good links, strong first para
  • monitor traffic to meet and exceed monthly page view targets
  • comply with the contract/’s policies re plagiarism etc.




More details: Grant exclusive electronic rights for 1 year from pub and shared rights thereafter (Writers own copyright and all other rights). Writers will be paid for content for as long as it appears on the Suite101 site, from the date of contract signature onward, regardless of active status.
Candidates must:

  • have excellent Web communication skills and publish to schedule
  • demonstrate subject expertise via credentials and experience
  • develop Web readership and meet traffic goals through self-promo
  • identify future trends/gaps in coverage and write to these needs
  • proactively contribute to teamwork and company-wide growth

Compensation: US$2.00 per 1000 page views (entry level) of all material authored by the writer subsequent to signing the contract. Pay rates will be reviewed and/or adjusted quarterly.

To apply to be a writer at, write to with the Topic applied for in the subject line and attach:

  • a cover letter outlining work experience, education, and credentials
  • a complete resume with contact info and names of 3 references
  • a one-paragraph outline of each of your first four articles
  • 2 print or online published articles

If you are interested in, and qualified to write about, more than one Topic, please indicate your first, second, and third choices. A link to the contract will be sent to you via e-mail after an interview and upon offer.