Monthly Archives: March 2006

Michael Palin’s Himalaya

Has anyone read Michael Palin’s Himalaya book? I just saw this article on, “Python actor’s book to be required reading.” Himalaya by Michael Palin. I haven’t read it. But I bet we can all think of a few required reading travel books we’d like to add to our nearest […]

Written Road Growth Spurt

Hey Everybody, I just wanted to let you know that Written Road is going through a big growth spurt. We’re going to be adding writers, putting up some ads, and sending out a weekly newsletter. I’ve recruited some help with the content, and BootsnAll is pitching in with staff and […]

Travel Writing Contest for Students

Hey students, wanna win some FREE travel?! Well, hold your horses, because this isn’t just some RTW ticket that’s being raffled off. This is a dream trip for an aspiring travel journalist. The offer says Win a Trip, but if you read between the lines it asks, do you want […]

New Travel Activity Search

Mobissimo, the company that I wrote up as the Google of Travel Searches in TIME a few years back, is out with a new feature. It’s called the Activity Search. Instead of just punching in where and when you want to travel, select an activity that you might want to […]

Submission Call: Outdoor Adventures with Wild Kids

Hey everybody, just wanted to let you know that Jennifer Bove is on the hunt for great stories again. This is her third anthology. You might remember her from The Back Road to Crazy: Stories From the Field, a co-ed collection that took us into the field with biologists working […]

Submission Call: Go Your Own Way

Hey, thanks to all the ladies that told me about this new book! Seal Press is publishing a book by women about traveling solo. I think that’s great because it seems that every where I go, whether speaking on a panel or at a bookstore reading– this is a hot […]

Is Travel A Strain on Your Relationship?

I’ve been on my own doing my own thing for so long, that it never occurred to me that travel could put a strain on a relationship. Now that I have a serious boyfriend, it’s an issue. So, as I meet more and more married travel writers, I want to […]