Monthly Archives: November 2006

Thanks and Farewell

During this weekend of thanks I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to the incredibly supportive community of readers, writers and travelers that I’ve encountered during my stint as a Written Road contributor. Through this engaging interactive network I’ve been able to grow my very own global network of friends, […]

Win a Rough Guides Las Vegas Directions Pack

One of my favorite travel sites, HotelChatter, is holding a Viva Las Vegas Hotel Map Contest. They’re looking for true and shocking stories from Sin City. This sounds like a fun contest and I can’t wait to see who the winner is. Maybe they’ll even let us see the top […]

Amanda Congdon vs. 7 Days in a Sentra

It seems like these are the two most prevalent marketing campaigns in the travel world right now. I’m hearing about them everywhere. So, I did a Google fight between them 7 Days in a Sentra: Just what the title says, Marc Horowitz lived in his car for a week. And […]

Posts Coming

Hey, I haven’t left yet and I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m in San Diego this week and would you believe my grandparents don’t have internet access? As if I wasn’t already having withdrawals without TIVO (new TV) and Neteller (temporarily closed due to scam incident), having to go over […]

Collecting National Geographic

By sheer happenstance I was surfing through Craigslist and found a collection of National Geographic magazines from 1985-2005. The seller was only asking for $25. The magazines are in top condition. I couldn’t believe what a treasure I had come across. My grandmother has a collection dating back to at […]

Seth Godin’s Marketing Advice for Authors

While the NanoWrimos are pounding away at their novels, I think this is a good time for those of you who are considering writing a book, to get excited about it. Earlier this year, marketing guru and bestselling author Seth Godin wrote a post called “Advice to Authors”. In all […]

Chicago Manual of Style for Online Junkies

Grammar-phobes, help is here. The Chicago Manual of Style has put their resource guide online. They have an online tutorial for submitting a manuscript electronically, and if you’ve ever had an editor send back a story with their edits marked by signs and symbols you couldn’t understand, check out the […]