Tim Shisler

Three Emails You Should Read Every Day

It’s a short post today – I’m finishing the final touches on some presentations I’ll be giving at the Society of American Travel Writers’ annual conference in Houston, Texas, and I didn’t want to shortchange my interview with interactive journalist Tyson Anderson (check back soon for that one—he’s got some […]

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid, And Other Great Advice

Just this past weekend while sipping coffee and soaking up the late-summer sun in my hometown of Santa Cruz, California, I met up with Karen Kefauver, an experienced adventure travel writer with a growing interest in new media. Karen, who I had connected with through my first post on Written […]

Job Lead: Backpacker.com and Bicycling.com

Looking to add to your online portfolio? Then check out this lead from Backpacker.com and Bicycling.com. The Rundown: Using a GPS unit, ride, hike and run local trails and routes in your area and national parks. Upload the tracks online, add photos, video clips, points of interest and a short […]