Outside Buyer’s Guide Summer 2007

In the past I swore off buying expensive clothes to travel with from North Face and Mountain Hardware or whichever other company was trendy at the time. I always thought that the best equipment wasn’t essential and was inspired when local porters and guides used the most basic equipment possible […]

Pitching is a Bitch

I just discovered the wonderful Saveur Magazine last year and only had the chance to read a few of the issues. I subscribed almost immediately after reading it for the first time, but only had the chance to catch the initial few issues before I moved to Peru for the […]

I’ve moved to Madrid

Incase you were wondering, I have not been able to post until today because I have just relocated from Dubai (UAE) to Madrid.There was a compelling need to uproot my life and shake it up a little, if nothing else but to stir up some good writing. A bit like […]