Cool Things

Calvin and Hobbes Talk about Writing

This is the first of four panels where Calvin and Hobbes are discussing writing. Click here for the full strip. I found it on a random Google search. Wikipedia has an extensive page on Calvin and Hobbes, in case you wanted to know more about this treasured strip and the […]

Gridskipper Contest: Win Wallpaper City Guides

Here’s a chance to score some glossy guidebooks. Gridskipper wants your best city itineraries: Pick one of the 20 cities featured in Wallpaper’s new City Guides series and describe how to best spend $100 in a day. The itinerary you propose for $100 US dollars should not include lodging, but […]

New AdventureLogue from BootsnAll

Greetings, all. In the name of shameless self-promotion and keeping it all in the BootsnAll family, I’d like to officially announce the unofficial launch of the Adventure Travel Logue at You may remember from a few weeks back that BnA was looking for travel guides for their new series […]

MSNBC Travel Quiz

Think you know everything about travel? Do you know what a billabong is? Or where Pike’s Peak is located? Part of travel writing is identifying new and emerging trends and hot destinations. More than that, also having prior travel on existing ones. Of course you know simple things like the […]

Scouring the earth for travel video

For those of you that are technologically inclined (or obsessed) enough to lug a camcorder along on your travels, you might be interested in what the boys at are doing. The bare-bones site publishes short travel videos on a regular basis. Be sure to check out the Namibia safari […]

Turn Here: Air Your Own Travel Show

If you’ve ever been bored with the Travel Channel, TURN HERE. It’s a super cool collection of video guidebooks. Turn Here: Short Films. Cool Places. With viral videos sweeping the Internet, it was only time before it got a travel spin. All I have to say is, Anthony Bourdain—get packing. […]

Sideways Printed Books

I randomly found this weird but interesting book feature this morning. Bed Books That’s right, you can lay in bed, or on the couch, and not have to turn your neck, or the book, to get more comfortable. So far there have a bunch of classics in print, and the […]

Wandering Moleskine Project

My friends at Moleskinerie are launching a second WANDERING MOLESKINE PROJECT. I highly encourage writers and artists to participate. And lets give them some of our travel love! The first notebook will be released on May 1, 2006. What’s funny about this, is that in reading the Moleskine post right […]