MSNBC Travel Quiz

Think you know everything about travel? Do you know what a billabong is? Or where Pike’s Peak is located? Part of travel writing is identifying new and emerging trends and hot destinations. More than that, also having prior travel on existing ones. Of course you know simple things like the […]

Coverage of the New Airline Travel Rules

My folks are flying tomorrow, so I’m reading up on the latest rules regarding air travel to help them with a few packing pointers. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the major media coverage, plus links to what certain travel blogs are talking about: The TSA explains Where We […]

Scouring the earth for travel video

For those of you that are technologically inclined (or obsessed) enough to lug a camcorder along on your travels, you might be interested in what the boys at are doing. The bare-bones site publishes short travel videos on a regular basis. Be sure to check out the Namibia safari […]

Road Recovery

Hey Written Roadies… I’m fresh off a five month jaunt through Europe and am currently recovering at my folks place in New York while I plot my next moves. The journey was incredible…and I’ve got memories (and stories!!) to last a lifetime…that means a lot more writing in my future. […]

Introducing Terah Shelton

I’ve been promising the addition of new volunteer writers on Written Road so we can expand this community, and we finally got it going! Kelly Amabile was our first and is off seeing the world with more than 100 days under her belt. Now, Terah Shelton is here and she’s […]