Sand In My Bra

AAA Jump #1

I went to go get the postcards and the car wouldn't start. I had accidentally left the lights on for three hours. Three hours, is that all it takes? Bloody hell. So now, as if I have the spare hour, I'm going to get AAA to come give me a […]

Filling the Seats

We've only got 12 bookstore events so far and that's not enough in my book. Not for a seven week tour. At this point, it's just as important to get people to come to the readings we already have, as it is to book new ones. Yesterday, I took 12 […]

Yes, that book

I got a great call today. But first the backstory. Yesterday, I was trying to set up an event in Atlanta, GA where I’ll be handing over the BraMobile to Raj Khadka, long time TT editor and friend. It so happens that Atlanta has a women’s bookstore similar to the […]

I Need Some Help

Just in case any of you have a spare half hour or hour…I could use a little bit of help. Here are some mini projects that don’t take that much time. They’re last on my list because I need to focus all my time on trying to get more events […]

Can We Say BabeMobile?

A gorgeous black man in a champagne Nissan pulled up next to me at a light and smiled till I was finished rolling down the window. Here we go, our first joke about the pink car, I thought. “How's that diesel working out for you?” he said. I was caught […]

The Bramobile Needs It’s First Wash

I'm taking the Bramobile to a signmaker today to get an estimate on the stickers. But first we're going to get it’'s first wash. I'm going to a gas station in Marin, where I hope they have diesel so I can multitask. But back to the washing. You know it […]

Adventures in Buying Sand

Here's a funny account of book buying that came to my inbox today. I love it when strangers write in. Dear Friends, While on the road, I decided to stop in at a typical mall bookstore and see if they had a copy of SIMB. This particular mall bookstore happened […]


“Collection of ridiculous and sublime travel experiences” That's what it says next to our title in this week's San Francisco Chronicle Bay Area Bestseller List We made #10 of ten on the Paperbacks list today. It is fitting because this is the first time in ten years that Travelers’ Tales […]

Gone Back to Print—Again!

We have more than 16,000 books shipped from our warehouse, and now we've put an order in for another 3500. This will be the third time the book has gone to the printer since the initial print run of 10,000. If you're thinking to yourself, “why don't they just print […]

Have you Seen the Sandmobile?

This is the sandspotting report sheet for the September – October 2003 Sand in My Bra book tour. If you’ve seen me and the pink beast on the road, let us know where and when. If you email us a digital picture of the Sandmobile, we’ll enter you in a […]