Whose Panties Are These

Jen Leo Interview on GoNomad.com

GoNomad.com was nice enough to interview me this month. Jen Leo: Bra, Panties, and Talent Their support has a lot to do with travel writer Kent E. St. John being a huge Travelers’ Tales fan. As it turns out, I had been on their site getting valuable travel information just […]

Fancy Pants Contest Winner Announced

What kind of women go out and buy new underwear, decorate it with pens, sequins, charms, feathers, candy, horseshoes, fortune cookies, TV remote controls, and anything else you can think of to attract attention, then put it in the mail, sometimes send it airmail across oceans, just to get a […]

Fancy Pants Contest Update

Big huge thanks to everyone who participated in the Fancy Pants Contest! Yes, we have a winner. We have one main winner and four honorable mentions. I was in the office last week signing books, writing thank yous, organizing addresses (some of you didn’t include your addresses!), and trying on […]

Lucky #13

We're moving up the charts. Last week we were #14. This week, we’re #13 on the Southern California Booksellers Association bestseller list.(Nov. 7, 2004) Go Panties!

Contributors Push Our Panties!

Enormous thanks to Canadian contributors Michele Petersen and Colleen Friesen for their efforts in spreading the good Panties word at their Travel Media Showcase in Tucson. Check out their display. One woman approached them and introduced herself as the Brazilian wax job woman. Well ladies, that’s our very funny Cynthia […]

What is a lame event?

I'm not usually negative about events. Even when nobody shows up. Come on, I’ve done plenty of events where there were only three people in the audience. They don’t surprise me. But that’s usually because the staff and bookstore more than make up for it with kindness, interest, and hospitality. […]