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AOL Wants Travel Bloggers for Miami, Charlotte, Boston & Honolulu

By Anna Brones | Add a Comment »

AOL Travel is currently seeking freelance city bloggers for Miami, Charlotte, Boston and Honolulu. It’s an ideal gig if you’ve got the lowdown on everything that’s happening in your city, particularly the following subjects: Nightlife, Food/Restaurants, Shopping, Arts & Culture & Hotel Beats.

Experience with travel industry with a focus on ‘real scoop’
Integrating links to guides in posts
Posts between 150-300 words
Must be familiar with HTML and capable of publishing own posts
Must live in the destination you will be blogging about
Must be able to turn around write witty, engaging posts quickly
5 posts per week

Submission requirements:
Samples of published writing clips (preferably including blog posts)
Resume and a list of qualifications and past writing/travel experience
Contact info, including permanent address
Length of time it takes you to turn around a blog post of 250 words on a current event
List of beats/destinations you have experience covering

How to apply:
Send an email with submission requirements to TravelSubmit[at]aol[dot]com

*The gig is paid based upon experience, starting at $15 per post.

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AOL Seeks Travel Bloggers; Various Locations

By Nicholas | Add a Comment »

AOL Travel has an opening for Travel Bloggers in approximately 25 different markets.

a) # of posts per week: 1-2 posts per day (half free-form on what’s new and hot in city, half guided by assigned theme)
b) Integrating links to guides in posts.
c) Post length: between 150-300 words
d) Must be familiar with HTML and capable of publishing own posts
e) Must live in the destination you will be blogging about
f) Must be able to turn around write witty, engaging posts quickly
g) Experience with Travel industry with a focus on ‘real scoop’ for our end users, ‘Insider Information and Tips’ slant, ‘In The Know’.

-Atlantic City
-Ft. Lauderdale
-Las Vegas
-Los Angeles
-Myrtle Beach
-New Orleans
-New York
-San Diego
-San Francisco
-Washington, DC.

The Pay: Competitive based on experience, starting at $15 per post.

To Apply:
-Send samples of published writing clips (preferably including blog posts), a resume and a list of qualifications and past writing/travel experience, contact info including permanent address, length of time it takes you to turn around a blog post of 250 words on a current event, List of beats/destinations you have experience covering, and references to TravelSubmit[AT]

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Guide Gecko Announces Contest

By Nicholas | Add a Comment »

I have been trying to avoid listing contests details on Written Road, but this one seems unusually cool. GuideGecko is an online travel bookstore that sells ebooks and PDFs of many rare, out of print, and hard to find travel guides, many of which are self published. For anyone that self publishes a guide (bloggers, aspiring writers, published authors) they are entered into a contest to win a trip to showcase their own guide at the 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair in October. You will have the chance to smooze with publishers and maybe even sign a contract.

“Guides can be new publications or may have previously been published on GuideGecko or elsewhere. Participation is free and authors receive full royalties for their submissions. Authors also retain all copyrights of their work - we are as happy as you if you strike a good licensing deal on the fair and need to remove your guides from GuideGecko.”

Guides may include:
•Travel and Sightseeing Guides
•Food & Dining Guides
•Nightlife & Party Guides

Second and third prizes will also get your book on display at the fair, though you won’t be there in person. Entries must be recieved by September 24. Visit the contest homepage for more info.

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Free E-Book From Matador: 15 Paying Travel Magazines That Want Your Travel Writing

By Anna Brones | Add a Comment »

Over at Matador they’ve whipped up a pretty sweet PDF titled 15 Paying Travel Magazines That Want Your Travel Writing. Should be an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to get into their travel writing career or just needs a bit of inspiration for where to send queries.

All you have to do is put in your name and email and they’ll send you the free pdf download. Click here for more info.

AFAR: A New Travel Magazine!!!

By Nicholas | Add a Comment »

Yesterday I received the premier issue of AFAR magazine in the mail. I was beyond impressed. There were travel stories about off beat international locals and there wasn’t a tie in to a Marriot resort to be found anywhere. There is a write up of South African Bunny Chow, a street food. An entire spread of just feet from around the world. Their feature on Morocco wasn’t about the new “it” spot in Marrakech, but a drive through the Atlas Mountains and interactions with Berber tribes. The back page features a story by Tim Cahill. It was extremely refreshing.

The magazine was conceived by the two founders, Joe Diaz and Greg Sullivan, over beer on the beach in Goa, India and is intended to represent the growing movement in experimental travel, which for Americans is generally a new concept. They have brought in a very talented group of editors who helped launch and run numerous successful publications. Having several assignments in the pipeline for AFAR I have been taken aback somewhat of how organized they are how much the concept really seems to mean to them. When every other magazine seems to be going down the drain, I really appreciate this. It makes it so much easier to be a writer when the editor is happy and believes in what they are doing.

The magazine is ambitious. For their six annual issues, they hope to have 300,000 subscribers by 2010 and also launch a website, books, radio, TV projects, and offer students yearlong study abroad scholarships. With most of the people I know rarely leaving Ohio, a concept like this is very welcome. The magazine officially hits newsstands August 18.

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Job Lead: Assistant Editor for Spirit Magazine

By Nicholas | Add a Comment »

Spirit, the inflight magazine for Southwest Airlines, has an opening for an assistant editor in their Dallas office.

To apply:
E-mail resume, clips, and cover letter to Associate Editor Mike Darling at mike.darling[at]

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Be Trazzler’s first travel writer-in-residence, in New York City

By Kelly Pipes | Add a Comment »

News of Tazzler’s Summer Travel Writing Contest has just come my way.

And the theme is … (they must have known what I’m currently craving) … ‘Oasis’.

1. n. a fertile or green area in an arid region (as a desert).
2. n. something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.

Tazzler want to read about that special place in the world that not only satisfies your thirst for a change of scenery, but goes beyond this, breaking the spell of everyday existence and providing the “refuge and relief” that we all crave, especially in the summer.

It’s an open subject and could cover anywhere, from an urban park or an unforgettable meal in a restaurant, to a swimming hole on a hot summer day or a museum where you lose yourself for hours. As long as it’s a place of extreme beauty, culture, respite, or relaxation.

There are 14 writing contracts to be won:

• 1 Grand Prize: $10,000 contract to be a two-week writer-in-residence in New York City and write 30 Trazzler trips covering the five boroughs of NYC. Hotel accommodations (14 nights) provided by AKA luxury hotel residences. Round-trip airfare provided by JetBlue. Read the rest of this entry »

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Market Lead: Call For Submissions “The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010″

By Anna Brones | Add a Comment »

Female writers pay attention, this market lead is just for you. The renowned travel publisher Travelers’ Tales is now accepting submissions for next year’s The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010. The deadline is August 1, 2009 so if you have an unfinished piece waiting to be completed, you still have a couple of weeks to put together a submission.

What: Previously published essays (within the last year) are OK. TT is looking for the full range of experience: adventurous, mystical, funny, poignant, cuisine-related, cross-cultural, transformational—as well as solo travel and travel with friends, mates, and families. For an idea of what TT is looking for, check out previous editions of the book here and here.

How to submit: Please include on your essay all of your contact information, plus a 3- to 10-line bio about yourself. Multiple submissions OK. Email your submissions to submit[at]travelerstales[dot]com. Essays will not be returned; notification of acceptances only, close to publication date. Essays not selected will be considered for future TT books, unless author explicitly requests otherwise.

Check out the TT submission guidelines for more info.

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Shameless Self Promotion: New World Review Launches

By Nicholas | Add a Comment »

I’ve become increasingly worried about the state of the media as newspapers cut staff and magazines fold left and right, so I have felt a growing urge to begin posting something significant on the web. It has been a long time coming, but I finally have my own independent ezine to launch: New World Review. While I don’t expect to make any money from the site anytime soon, I do hope it helps carve out my niche in Latin American food and travel. It is still very much a work in progress and I am tinkering daily with the design, columns, and content.

Basically it is a blog, but I didn’t want it to look like that of everyone else. It was surprisingly simple and cheap to set up: I paid a Turkish guy in Estonia to do most of the work based on a template that he created and altered for me. I do know basic web design, but I didn’t really even need it with this. I’ve actually had the site up and running for a few months now, but a virus infected the original design and I had to shut the site down and completely restart.

Any comments, advice, or suggestions are appreciated.

Job Lead: Inflight Editor for Mexican Airline in Brooklyn

By Nicholas | Add a Comment »

No that’s not a typo. INK Publishing, which handles nearly every inflight magazine these days (I’m not knocking that though. The refreshed United Airlines Hemispheres is looking stellar) is searching for an Editor in Chief for a bimonthly title of an anonymous Mexican Airline for their Dumbo Brooklyn , New York office. Fluent speaking/writing Spanish is essential as the magazine is primarily in Spanish.

Duties: “Managing all of the editorial functions of the magazine, ensuring that the publication is of the highest quality, under budget and adheres to strict deadlines. The ideal candidate will have at least three years of editorial experience on consumer magazines and have experience editing and writing travel content. The candidate must have an impeccable eye for high-quality writing and an obsession with perfection in refining a magazine’s copy.”

Apply: click here

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