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A previous post, Ideas Happen, is generating great ideas in the comments area. I hope that all posters are also submitting their ideas to the Ideas Happen web site with Visa and MSN. That's where you have the chance to win the $25,000.

I love to see people dreaming and helping others. It works. It really does. Brad Newsham didn't wait and now look at what's happening with Backpack Nation.

Go for it. Listen to Nike.

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James  |  April 27, 2003 11:18 AM

Just wanted to mention something since I see people recommending here. You might want to take a hard look at the legal terms before getting involved with this. Doesn’t sound very equitable to me – sounds like you might not even be allowed to implement your own idea because you would be granting them copyright (and probably patent rights if applicable). Here is a excerpt:

“By entering, each entrant forfeits to Sponsor all rights to content of his/her entry (including the essay) and the concepts embodied therein. Entrant unconditionally assigns and transfers to Sponsor all rights, title, interest and claim, which it now has or may in the future have to the entries or any element(s) thereafter including, without limitation, the copyright therein. Sponsor shall have right to use, alter, assign or dispose of such entries however it sees fit without approval of entrants.”

Being in the patent business, I don’t like to see people getting taken advantage of in this manner.

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