Sand on the Streets

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Yesterday was crazy busy. Every three hours seemed like a whole new day. I'm writing this Sunday morning Montreal time, and I will give you a few of our guerrila marketing highlights.

* Placed postcards at some of the boutiques and bookstores on the very popular rue Saint Denis.

* Put postcards in the bathrooms at Best of the Uptown Comics. Replenished throughout the night and witnessed one woman reading it as I jetted out the theatre.

* Plastered postcard and press release on street lamps, utility boxes, and whatever poles had remnants of other flyers in the gated JFL festival area.

Proof that we were here:
Sand at the entry gates
Sand at Starbucks

All that plastering last night would not have happened without the enthusiastic support of Erik. I was wiped, desperate for a movie in bed, and even too tired for ice cream. But Erik was ready to plug on and I'm glad we did. I got a brief second wind, and was excited to see our poscard and press release up and down the latin quarter. Erik, you're a star! This afternoon we're going to put up more and see if we can sell any books, but it's looking doubtful.

I'm off to get a smoked meat sandwhich in an effort to spur me on.

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Erik the Leo-tern  |  July 20, 2003 09:10 AM

Thanks for the props...but a star? "A star sans 'The Perfect Bra'" is more like it. Along our way down the shops of St. Denis yesterday, we searched far and wide for a bright pink "perfect bra" for me to attract attention when passing out flyers at the fest...but no luck. I'm currently wandering the neighborhood of the famous smoked meat place, but all the lingerie boutiques around here are still closed on Sunday morning.

Tant pis, c'est la vie?

Until we find the perfect bra, I remain pret-a-porter...

(I can't figure out how to do the accents on this computer.)

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