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A friend asked me if I had any suggestions for a freelancer looking for writing work in Berlin. It's an odd request, but my friend was sincere so here's the research I dug up:

Easy Jet Inflight Magazine
The magazine is produced by INK.
4th Floor, Holborn Hall
100 Grays Inn Road
London WC1X 8AL
Tel: (44) 020 7269 7480
Fax: (44) 020 7269 7490

Virgin Atlantic Red Hot Inflight Magazine It is unclear to me if they fly to Berlin, but a quick search found that there are dated articles on Berlin. Use their Contact page to query.

American Airlines: Airways
FYI they are not accepting queries and don't publish writers guidelines.

The Guardian reviewed these inflight mags back in 2001. No doubt they've changed since then, but still..."A Great Read at 35,000"

Here is another review of inflight magazines.

Here is a link to a bunch of Expat magazines including the Exberliner in Berlin. It'd be worth a shot to get in touch with their editors and let them know you want to write for them.

Here is a list of Expat resources specifically for those living in Germany. It's key to use your imagination. Go through them as if you were looking for a good looking $5 shirt at Ross. Look for outlets that might require some writing, then look for contact info, and then call to introduce yourself. When possible, do that in person.

Another way to think outside the box is to go to hotels and tourist related businesses and see if they are hiring writers for brochures.

Worldwide Freelance Writer has a regular newsletter with lots of submission leads.

How's that? Enough to keep you busy? I've never been to Berlin, but I can only hope that introducing yourself to people and telling them that you are a writer can lead to work related connections. And if you are passionate about a book you're writing, consider selling stand alone pieces from it. It might make you some money, and garner some interest for your book.

And if you've got more time after that, why not go through the Market Leads right here on Written Road.

Good luck!

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Laura  |  July 6, 2004 07:36 AM


This advice is great! How to think like a freelancer wherever you are is a skill often overlooked - Thanks for the reminder!


paxil  |  July 21, 2004 04:57 PM

What they say: What they mean:

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All New Not compatible with previous version.
Exclusive Nobody else has documentation.
Unmatched Almost as good as the competition.
Design Simplicity The company wouldn't give us any money.
Fool-proof Operation All parameters are hard-coded.
Advanced Design Nobody really understands it.
Here At Last Didn't get it done on time.
Field Tested We don't have any simulators.
Years of Development Finally got one to work.
Unprecedented Performance Nothing ever ran this slow before.
Revolutionary Disk drives go 'round and 'round.
Futuristic Only runs on a next generation supercomputer.
No Maintenance Impossible to fix.
Performance Proven Worked through Beta test.
Meets Tough Quality Standards It compiles without errors.
Satisfaction Guaranteed We'll send you another pack if it fails.
Stock Item We shipped it before and can do it again.

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