My Travel Bug Lists Grants by Region!

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You wanted grants, you got 'em!

My Travel Bug has an organized page of research grants, fellowships, and scholarship foundations!

I've signed up for their newsletter which gives updates on all sorts of international job leads, new grant listings, travel organizations and those that sponsor trips, etc.

Big thanks to Tara Weaver for passing this along to us.

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Amanda O'Neil  |  September 1, 2004 06:48 PM

Hey Jen (and folks),

Thank you so much for listing this (My Travel Bug, Inc.) page as a resource for your readers. I'll admit it's a little ugly but by Friday Sept 3rd it should be a lot easier to look at and navigate! It's getting a "face lift" for Thursday's work project.

According to my Urchin stats page you've sent 30 readers my way ;-) That makes us happy...

Congrat on this wonderful site and thanks for the link!


Amanda O'Neil
My Travel Bug, Inc.


Jen Leo  |  September 1, 2004 11:35 PM

Amanda! Thanks for stopping by. But hey, 30? That's it? Come on Written Roadies get on over there! Amanda, shoot me an email reminder next week about your new look and I'll check it out. jen at jen leo dot com


Amanda O'Neil  |  September 2, 2004 03:57 PM

Hi Jen,

It's smee again! I just fixed both the Links and the Grants pages so they're a little better looking. Also there's the newsletter button up top to keep your readers informed!

Don't forget- below the "Geographical Region" is "Academic Subject" sorted grants.

You rock and say hi to Rolf for me..I missed him at the Half King a while back.

Cheers, Amanda

P.S. I put myself on the newsletter list.

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