GoNomad's Cash Grants for Travel Writers

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Hey travel writers, ever had a story you really wanted to research but you didn't quite have all the dosh to do it with? Well, GoNomad is coming to your rescue.

GoNomad Travel Awards

Every three months they'll be giving out $500 to one lucky writer.

Guidelines: Writers are asked to provide a one-page list of their published travel stories, or links to stories posted on the web. The most promising of these synopses will be culled down to one lucky winner every three months.

Catch: GoNOMAD.com will have the first right to publish the destination guides, and submissions are not limited to traditional travel writing. "We are open to publishing photo or video galleries or guides done as podcasts," said GoNOMAD Editor/Owner Max Hartshorne, one of the four judges for the awards. Read all the rules at the bottom of the contest page.

Deadline for the first Travel award: April 15,2005 , the grant will be awarded on May 1, 2005 .

Details: Submit your one-page proposal to:
P.O. Box 4
South Deerfield , MA 01373
Email: travelawards at gonomad.com, or
Fax 413-665-5006. No phone calls please.


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Cyndy Phillips  |  March 11, 2005 03:12 PM

Hello there! I recently came across a grant for writers that I thought you might like to pass along to your web viewers.
The Hobson Foundation is offering a $500 Dream Grant for writers. Deadline is 6/01/5.
Check out http://www.hobsonfoundation.com for details.


Bill Jennings  |  March 12, 2005 01:38 PM

Jen, I forwarded this entry to Dave Winer over at Scripting News, because he's into podcasting and the fact that podcasts are eligible seems pretty cool with me. He blogged it the other day.

Cyndy, that grant sounds pretty cool, until I read that every entry must be accompanied by a "small processing fee of $15". Yikes! There goes Yog's Law* again!

(*Yog's Law: Money always flows TO the writer.)


Kent  |  March 14, 2005 02:38 AM

GoNOMAD is taking podcasts and there is no fee for any entry.

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