Litquake Litcrawl in SF this Weekend!!

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There is nothing like the Litquake Litcrawl...anywhere! And of course San Francisco delivers it up like only SF can—With heaps of vibrant literati ebullience.

One night
150 authors
in 26 the San Francisco Mission neighborhood

I don't have the exact quote, but someone from the San Francisco Chronicle last year said, "going from venue to venue was like literary trick-or-treating for grown ups." Struth! It is so much fun. There are themed events for everyone—travel, erotica, mysteries, young adult authors, spirituality, Spanish language authors, music writers, etc, etc.The hardest part is keeping to your outlined agenda of events because on your way to one, you'll walk by another that pulls you right in.

So, head on over to the Mission in San Francisco tomorrow night. I'll be reading from The Thong Also Rises at the travel writing venue with Larry Habegger, Richard Sterling, Don George, Amanda Jones, Bill Fink, and more...(Lonely Planet is just out with a humor book, so this reading should be a real hoot!)

Casanova Lounge
527 Valencia between 16th and 17th
5:00 p.m.

And don't forget to check out Litquake in the funny pages. Don Asmussen went all out for that comic strip and will also be on the panel that my friend Oscar Villalon is moderating. See them at Ritual Roasters, 8pm.

But the list is way too long...check the calendar of events, and good luck figuring out which ones you'll see. They're all so good!

See you there!!! Writing Conferences

By: on October 5, 2005 | # | Comments (0) is hosting some travel writing conferences. They were smart and got Don George, which is the only reason this caught my eye. It's interesting, they have a ton of sponsors, so I'm figuring lots of money. They're having it at the Four why does their website look like crap? Becareful, not all their links work. Here is a working registration page.

When: November 17 - 20, 2005
Where: Scottsdale, AZ
Cost: $675
More info: Travel Classics West 2005 website, or look at their conference agenda.

Hey, if your beat is the Southwest, it looks like there could be some good networking for you. Ask if any sponsor reps will be there...that's what I'm talking about.

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FREE Travel Writing Class in Chicago

By: on September 19, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
Hey everybody, Just wanted to let you know it's time to get your butt down to The Savvy Traveller in...

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By: on September 6, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
There are a lot of creative efforts to encourage people to help out those who've lost from the Hurricane Katrina...

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Book Passage TW&PC: More Pictures

By: on August 25, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Here are some more pictures from Day 2 of the Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference. I didn't take...

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Book Passage: Day 1

By: on August 19, 2005 | # | Comments (11)
Lets give a friendly hello to all the new writers coming to Written Road from the Book Passage Travel Writers...

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Tonight with the Left Coast Writers

By: on August 1, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Hey, I'll be at Book Passage tonight with the Left Coast Writers. It's a fantastic Bay Area networking group for...

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Friday Boots News

By: on July 29, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Two quick bits of BootsnAll news before the weekend begins... Forbes has released their fairly extensive list of 2005 top...

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Think Cool Travel

By: on July 25, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
Have you heard about the "coolest" Travel Summit on the Planet? Many of us across the US are baking right...

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Bryson at the Smithsonian

By: on July 22, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Just saw this on the Olsson's Event Calendar: Who: Bill Bryson Chats About Wales, hosted by the Smithsonian Resident Associate...

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June Author Appearances

By: on June 5, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Paul Theroux, author of Blinding Light: A Novel Thursday, June 9, 7:30 pm Powell's Burnside, Portland OR In Blinding...

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Travelers Tales at Coliseum Books

By: on June 3, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Travelers Tales Executive Editor Larry Habegger will celebrate the publication of The Best Travel Writing 2005 at Coliseum Books in...

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Book Expo News

By: on May 31, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Here's some news I noticed in ForeWord Magazine about events at this week's Book Expo of America: The Travel...

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West Coast Author Events

By: on May 19, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Two upcoming author appearances happening next week: Barbara Hodgson, author of Italy Out of Hand: A Capricious Tour Monday, May...

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Job Lead: Words Without Borders

By: on April 13, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Jen mentioned Words Without Borders back in December. I just saw on the Publishers Lunch Job Board that they are...

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Tony Perrottet in SF This Week

By: on March 28, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
I met Tony at the NY Times Travel Show, and man is he fun. That venue was way too small...

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NY Round Table Writers' Conference

By: on March 28, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
The First Annual New York Round Table Writers' Conference will take place on April 29 and 30th. From the...

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Book Festival Information

By: on March 16, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
So, I'm taking a WiFi PR meeting with TT intern Emily Dunn, and found this great link. Book Fairs and...

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Jen Leo at the New York Times Travel Show

By: on February 24, 2005 | # | Comments (4)
If you'll be in or around NYC next weekend, get on in to the New York Times Travel Show! In...

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EVENT: So Cal Writers Associaion

By: on January 14, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
I've been meaning to tell you all week that I'm speaking to the Southern California Writers Association this weekend. It's...

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More events for Not Really An Alaskan Mountain Man

By: on December 24, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Doug Fine just sent me his new list of events. So far he has events in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico,...

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Jonathan Raban and Waxwings

By: on December 2, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
The highly acclaimed Jonathan Raban will be at one of my favorite event stops, Third Place Books in Lake Forest...

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Book TV and Lit Bloggers

By: on December 1, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I saw this yesterday on Anthem Blog WHAT THE BLOG? A talk show taping for BookTV, hosted by Dennis Loy...

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Blogging for Books every month

By: on November 8, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
This is a pretty cool concept. Getting bloggers to write a piece based on a theme, posting it all the...

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Live From New York It's…

By: on October 25, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
A Sense of Place [This is a guest post from author Michael Shapiro while he's one tour] It's energy, excitement,...

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Do You Need More Time?

By: on October 21, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
Time poverty is an interesting concept. And one, in months or years passed, I might've qualified for. But we can...

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Writing About Adventure, Food, and Travel

By: on October 12, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
This looks good. Two days of quality teaching from quality food and travel writers. The World Is My Oyster: Writing...

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Litquake Me Right Now!

By: on October 12, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I hope you heard about this somewhere else because it already started! The hip, cool, see and be seen, opportunity...

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Reading and Party Tonight in San Francisco

By: on September 13, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
If you're in the Bay Area, come on over to Get Lost and the Orbit Room tonight for my book...

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Sense of Place Event Coming Up

By: on August 5, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
So...there have been a few developments since I posted about the book release party for A Sense of Place at...

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Inside to the Big Leaguers

By: on July 20, 2004 | # | Comments (8)
Get your butt down, up, and over to the Bay Area the second week of August! It is going to...

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Left Coast Writers™

By: on July 16, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Now that I'm back in the Bay Area it's high time I went to my first Left Coast Writers™ event....

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Hello J. Maarten Troost...

By: on June 22, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
The Seattle Post Intelligencer put out a recommended Summer reading list and a few travel lit books were mentioned. "Solar...

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Tim Cahill: Lost in My Own Backyard

By: on June 21, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Tim's new book, Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk Through Yellowstone National Park, is now available. I haven't read...

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73rd Annual California Book Awards

By: on May 30, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I'm thinking about going to this when I get back to SF. 73rd Annual California Book Awards Is anybody going?...

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The Curse of the Singles Table: A True Story of 1001 Nights Without Sex

By: on May 28, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Suzanne Schlosberg, a contributor to Sand in My Bra, is going on tour with her new book: THE CURSE of...

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Europe From a Backpack in Berkeley Tonight

By: on May 19, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Have you seen this yet? My copy is in the mail. For those of you in the Bay Area, editor...

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Around the Bloc readings

By: on April 16, 2004 | # | Comments (6)
Oh man, I can't believe I'm missing these events! It is not too late to meet Stephanie Elizondo Griest and...

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BEA in Chicago, June 2004

By: on April 16, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
I forgot to tell you that I am officially going to BEA this year. It will be the first Book...

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InsideOut Travel Magazine Party

By: on April 10, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Well, it looks like I'm missing another travel magazine party. I haven't heard about InsideOut Travel until now, but I'll...

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Pico Iyer on Tour for Sun After Dark

By: on April 6, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
Pico Iyer's new book, Sun After Dark: Flights into the Foreign (Knopf) comes out this week. From Knopf's book page:...

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PLANET Release Party

By: on March 13, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
PLANET magazine is having a party in San Francisco for the release of their sixth issue. This is the same...

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TT Anniversary Update

By: on March 7, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Spycam tells me that TT's big bash Friday night was a success. I heard the room was packed, but that's...

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NYT Travel Expo Report from Ayun Halliday

By: on February 29, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I attended the first annual New York Times Travel Expo at the invitation of Avalon Publishing Group (who also provided...

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Writing Memoir Seminar Tomorrow!

By: on February 21, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Ok, I'm well aware that this is late notice. I haven't been reading my other newsletters in a timely manner....

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Ayun Halliday at the Travel Expo

By: on February 18, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
In January I posted about the New York Times Travel Show. Well, new word is that Ayun Halliday, author of...

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January and February Travel Shows

By: on January 3, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Excitement is growing. I just booked a flight back to London so I can go to The Daily Telegraph Adventure...

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The Wanderlust Survival Guide

By: on January 2, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Ken Vollmer will be reading from The Wanderlust Survival Guide on Tuesday May 29 at Easy Going Travel in Berkeley,...

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Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar

By: on December 2, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Check out theAtlanta Photojournalism Seminar. Can't say I'm not keeping an eye out for my photo friends. A N D,...

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Travel Writing Events in New York

By: on November 19, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
It's not all about the West Coast. Ayun Halliday is doing events for the zany and wildly entertaining No Touch...

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Her Fork in the Road

By: on November 7, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Travelers' Tales and the Pan Pacific Hotel in San Francisco are throwing a party Nov. 11 to celebrate women in...

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Come On Over

By: on November 5, 2003 | # | Comments (7)
Who wants to get together next Wednesday after work? I'll be at the HOTEL UTAH on 4th Street in San...

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Events I Want to Go to

By: on September 26, 2003 | # | Comments (4)
Tim Cahill is coming to Easy Going Oct 28, 7:30pm I didn't know Dave Barry had a book about blogging!...

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"It's like speed-dating for lit freaks"

By: on September 15, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Litquake is here. Scott Esposito gives a good heads up on SF Station in "Litquake Rumbles Through Town". I'm...

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Hold Tight

By: on August 18, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I've got a lot to recap from the weekend at Book Passage, but I'm rushing out to pick up the...

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It's BP Week!

By: on August 11, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Whether you're attending the Book Passage Travel Writer and Photographers Conference or just bumping beer mugs in the after hour...

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East Coast Travel Writing Conference

By: on July 14, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
The Symposium for Professional Travel Writers will take place August 27-31, 2003 at the highly acclaimed resort, The Greenbrier. Created...

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Bright Lights, Big City

By: on July 9, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
The Marsh event last night was a good time. A different kind of reading than any I've done before. It...

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Travel Writing at The Marsh

By: on July 5, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
You aren't going to want to miss these great shows! Big thanks to Tanya Shaffer for setting up the womens'...

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2003 Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference

By: on June 20, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Tim Cahill, Isabel Allende, Don George, Larry Habegger, Jeff Greenwald August 14-17 A few people have been asking me if...

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Friday Night Get Together

By: on May 29, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
If you can't make BEA but still want to say hello, see Sand in My Bra, or feed your face...

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A Short History of Nearly Everything

By: on May 8, 2003 | # | Comments (8)
Bill Bryson is on tour this month. I saw him in San Francisco for his In a Sunburned Country tour,...

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Book Passage Newsletter

By: on May 5, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
I haven't seen it yet, but James, Publisher of Travelers' Tales, just wrote to tell me "you're on the same...

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The Wanderlust Survival Guide

By: on April 27, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Ken Vollmer will be reading from his self published book, the Wanderlust Survival Guide. Tues May 29, 7:30pm Berkeley, CA...

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Travel Bug

By: on April 17, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
The Travel Bug is a travel specific bookstore in Vancouver, Canada. I went to check out their upcoming events, and...

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Paul Theroux is on tour

By: on March 25, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Paul Theroux is on tour for his latest book, Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town. Here is...

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Stanfords & Bill Bryson's new book

By: on September 27, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I'm always talking about travel bookstores in and around San Francisco, because those are the ones that I know best....

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Lake Wobegon Goes Global...if it hasn't already

By: on August 20, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Garrison Keillor fans will be happy to hear that the host of "Prarie Home Companion" is helping launch the world's...

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Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference begins today

By: on August 15, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Hey Everybody, The 11th Annual Book Passage Travel Writers & Photographers Conference begins today. I could go on and on...

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This Week's Travel Author Readings

By: on August 6, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Lots of people taking the summer off, but I rounded up a few events for you. Sorry they're only in...

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June Author Events

By: on June 4, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
While I was setting up the Pacific Northwest tour for the Wild Writing Women, I thought that I'd put together...

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