JenLeoLIVE! - New Personal Blog

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When I was at the BP Conference last month, I heard someone endorsing Written Road with a caveat. He said, "there's a fair bit of poker stuff on there these days, but still a lot of great travel writing resources."

That's true. I'm dividing my life between the poker world, Vegas world, travel writing world, and the life I'm building with the new beau, too. Just because Written Road is my home, it doesn't mean I need to burden everyone with all these non-travel writing extras. Also, my family and friends from San Diego want the gossip, and know where I am since I'm such a poor keep-in-toucher, but they don't want to get lost amid all the market leads.

So, to accommodate this I've started JenLeoLIVE! It'll be a portal to the more personal stuff of what I'm doing. You'll definitely get links back to tour info on WR, you'll hear about the poker, you'll hear about the boyfriend, you'll get links about my fave VivaLasVegasBlog posts and you'll hear about where I am in the very general travel sense. Not stories or articles, but notes rather. And there will be pictures. So, if this is the kind of info you're interested in like my high school friends, uncles, and cousins...bookmark JenLeoLIVE!

In addition, I'm talking with a designer about a new fansite. Hopefully that won't take long to get up either.

Are You Writing this Weekend?

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Labor Day weekend. Some of you have emailed me with notice of time allotted for writing this weekend. That makes me happy, and since we're at the half way point, or just after, I thought I'd check in with you.

So...are you writing?

Or are you beaching, partying, wining and dining? Hopefully you're not working like me. Don't worry, I've been taking some time off and even got over to have a look at the Pacific, see a movie (Four Brothers), have sushi with friends, get some Matzo Ball Soup at Jerry's Deli, and win a few SNGs (poker).

But right now I'm researching a few stories. This week was a banner week for me in the assignment dept. Mother Load: I had editors from one newspaper, one magazine, and one website all invite me to write for them. And that doesn't even include a secondary potential magazine lead. I didn't even pitch any of them. This has all been from the Jen Leo school of making friends.

As icing on the cake, a bookseller from a prominent indie bookstore told me she keeps looking for a book written solely by me.

So, I'm at it. I've made my list of all these leads and put them on my desk so I can see them. I'm Google-ing away and taking notes. Square one. every writer needs to fess up to their distractions...I just found out that A&E is running back to back episodes of 24 all day and all night long! Lucky me, they are currently running one of the last shows that I saw early on this season. That means there's a good chance I can catch up on the whole season by 10:00 p.m. tonight.

Speaking of fessing up...what are you doing? Getting anything done? What are your distractions.

Not So Weekly Stats July 30

By: on July 30, 2005 | # | Comments (5)
Current Location: Detroit to LAX Current Weather: who knows, cooler than Vegas Current Reads:Vegas Trivia, and Avant Guide Las Vegas...

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Writing Heroes: To Meet Them, or Not...

By: on July 16, 2005 | # | Comments (4)
Sometimes I think we're not meant to meet our heroes. Last night around midnight or later, I was introduced to...

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Vegas Stats July 10, 2005

By: on July 10, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Current Location: Vegas, Baby! Current Weather: 95 -104F Current Reads:Tales from the Tiltboys: Edited by Kim Scheinberg, Foreword by Phil...

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What Do You Do to Live Up to Your Potential?

By: on July 4, 2005 | # | Comments (11)
I was presented with a rare gift last week. A new friend called me out. Not out to gamble, not...

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Jen Leo in SF for the North Beach Festival

By: on June 17, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you know that I popped into town last night. The North Beach Festival...

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Friday Funnies

By: on May 19, 2005 | # | Comments (4)
Yesterday someone told me an interesting thought for those who like to wish.... Hold your hands out, palms up, like...

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Last Day at Travelers' Tales

By: on April 14, 2005 | # | Comments (5)
Today is my last day at Travelers' Tales for a while....again. We had a nice farewell lunch with James, Larry,...

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Switching Emails

By: on April 4, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
I recently redirected my email address. Jen at Jen Leo dot com was going to a Yahoo account and now...

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Thunderbird...Just in the Nick of Time

By: on March 21, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
I've been saved from a crescendo of email despair. My yahoo mail system has been dragging me down, and I...

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Something For the To-Do List

By: on March 13, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
Make sure to come to Miami on the East Coast tour. October is perfect with the start of "season", lots...

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Why Poker?

By: on March 11, 2005 | # | Comments (5)
My move to Las Vegas and blogging at pPlayer is starting to attract a question I hadn't given much thought...

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Invite Me to Dinner if You Are Extra Smart

By: on January 30, 2005 | # | Comments (10)
I was trolling my Bloglines tonight while I waited for my laundry to dry. This post reminded me that I...

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Quick Update

By: on January 5, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
Yes, I've got lots of leads and goss to pass to you. But time and energy is at a maximum...

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Gambler Girl considers her first memoir

By: on January 1, 2005 | # | Comments (7)
As you know I'm planning on moving to Vegas for the summer to watch the World Series of Poker. I'm...

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BootsnAll Travel Party

By: on December 16, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
I'm off to Portland for the BootsnAll Travel Party. Nick is back from Bali and I can't wait to see...

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Love Travel

By: on November 30, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
I was out with Jim, his wife Leslie, and Rolf last week. Yeah, when we're together we talk about travel...

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Turkey and Poker

By: on November 25, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Last year's Thanksgiving story, "We're All Turkeys," can't be beat. It is one of my favorites. This year the universal...

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11.19.04 Weekly Stats

By: on November 19, 2004 | # | Comments (7)
Current Reads: Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel by Rolf Potts, Positively Fifth Street by...

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Cowboys and Vegas...too good to be true

By: on November 15, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Do you see why I need a Gambler Girl column? The National Finals Rodeo is in Las Vegas December 3-13....

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Back to Back Book Deals: Get Your Stories & Tips In!

By: on November 5, 2004 | # | Comments (6)
I'm thrilled to announce that I'm getting back to back book deals with Travelers' Tales. Humor books are working and...

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Who Wants to Take Me?

By: on October 22, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Indian bandit king's death sparks scramble for treasure [Yahoo News]...

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Southern Cal, Here I Come

By: on October 20, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
The thing about being unemployed freelancing is that you can do it from nearly anywhere. At the least, I have...

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How Long Have You Been Writing on the Road?

By: on October 19, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Q & A with travel columnist Dennis McCann from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel This quote about travel writing caught my...

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It Truly Begins

By: on October 19, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Some of you may know that I've been talking about doing a book proposal, and a book, of my love...

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I'm Home

By: on October 12, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
But where is home? The better way to ask is, Where do you live? To which the reply I'm comfortable...

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Author Signing at the GLBA 2004

By: on October 10, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Ha ha! It looks like I am posting before Jay Gesin. We did not end up doing any head to...

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On My Christmas List

By: on October 6, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
You better believe I want this... Welcome to Las Vegaas Nothing like acquiring more crap for the abode I still...

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Bookshelf: The Gem of Guelph, ON

By: on October 4, 2004 | # | Comments (7)
I woke up tired. Very tired. And I had an appointment to meet with Bookshelf's bookstore manager, Dan Evans, this...

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Hey FOX News, Don't Wreck My Low Maintenance Cover

By: on September 26, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
Greendem at Daily KOS tied in the current political haps with an old travel advisory from Fox News. How this...

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Appreciating Non Fame in Seattle

By: on September 25, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Thanks to the free wireless at Elliott Bay Book Company, I'm sitting near the entrance to my next author event....

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Balance...It Was Worth A Stab

By: on August 22, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
I just spent the last week camping in Oregon. The intention was to relax before the impending book tour for...

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New Business Cards

By: on August 7, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Last Minute Leo drove over to the business card print shop last night and found out that they were closed...

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Molvania, A.A.Gill, ELAND, and my friends

By: on July 1, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Sorry for being absent this week. Plenty going on, and I'm doing my best to balance getting my work done...

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What's Being Talked About

By: on June 24, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Today, my recent piece in TIME, "The Google of Travel Searches?", made it to the #1 slot for "Most Emailed...

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InsideOut Party Next Week

By: on June 15, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I'm slammed. With the tour, with freelance assignments, with big huge projects I haven't touched since Europe, and most importantly—with...

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Revised Itinerary

By: on April 15, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Ok folks, I'm going to have to give the hot black dress a whirl in Spain instead of Baden Baden....

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Desperate for Tech Help

By: on April 11, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
Do you want the short version or the long version? I never give the short version, but I will this...

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Euro Jen's April Itinerary

By: on April 6, 2004 | # | Comments (11)
Ok, I finally got on the train. I pulled an all nighter in Amsterdam last night. Then took the train...

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Question for you

By: on March 26, 2004 | # | Comments (9)
What do you all think about photos on websites, blogs, and books? I don't have my photo on my website...

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I'm in Amsterdam

By: on March 18, 2004 | # | Comments (6)
Just wanted to let you know where I was. I'll be here tonight and tomorrow night researching part of an...

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It's National Pancake Week!

By: on February 22, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
I'm so glad that USA Today told me. I bet Shawn Sell sure had fun on that assignment! Susan will...

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Happy Valentine's Day to ME!

By: on February 14, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
I didn't get a diamond today. So, I went after my own... Stolen Antwerp Diamonds Still Missing Yep, I did...

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Leo Update

By: on February 3, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
Ok, so I've been a little quiet. So what, I'm working. Thanks for all of your emails wondering how I...

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Those Comment Boxes Work

By: on December 24, 2003 | # | Comments (4)
In my search for all things Belgium, I came across a dynamo of an inflight magazine. Red Hot. Where does...

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Alive and Blogging

By: on December 20, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Bus Crashes in Belgium Near French Border; 11 Dead I seriously doubt that anyone I know reads the news this...

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Ahhh....A Writing Routine!

By: on December 16, 2003 | # | Comments (4)
I can come home now. After only four days in Belgium, I got exactly what I wanted. I expected it...

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Excuses, Excuses!

By: on December 5, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Hi Everybody, Just wanted to let you know that the blog will be here and there throughout the holidays, and...

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The Other Side of Writing

By: on December 1, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
Does the outside world think that writing is just writing? Are you visualizing a clean desk with a solitary chair...

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We're All Turkeys

By: on November 27, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
I just got back from last minute food shopping with my dad. I call him Bah, short for Bah Bah,...

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Hang on Folks!

By: on November 25, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Sorry for the delay in posts and for not telling you sooner that I'd be on hiatus. I was packing...

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Wintering in Belgium

By: on November 11, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Through the tour I avoided talk about my winter editing/writing/traveling stint in Belgium. I just didn't have the mindspace to...

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A Question about My Writing

By: on November 10, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Last week I was taking the CalTrain to Redwood City and found a man reading Travelers' Tales Central America. I...

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If You Plan it, Editors Will Come

By: on October 28, 2003 | # | Comments (4)
Yesterday I was making a list of goals. Short, medium, and long term. Not a comprehensive list, but a start....

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You Gotta Believe

By: on October 19, 2003 | # | Comments (8)
I saw some "You Gotta Believe" signs when I was in Chicago during the time of the playoffs last week....

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The Grass is Always Greener

By: on October 12, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Someday I'm going to be in the kitchen of my future home, exhausted over the antics of my someday kids,...

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This Morning is Slightly Different

By: on October 1, 2003 | # | Comments (7)
I start my mornings with The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. It's a great get up and begin your day...

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This Morning is Slightly Different

By: on October 1, 2003 | # | Comments (7)
I start my mornings with The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. It's a great get up and begin your day...

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My website works, it really works!

By: on September 18, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Yesterday was pretty cool. My two biggest unrequited crushes of all time contacted me because they found my website. One...

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The Pressure

By: on August 20, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Am I a warden and time the jailbreaking convict? Or maybe I am the bullys on their bicycles with time...

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Is it Christmas Yet?

By: on August 14, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
I really really want this. Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers (Random House, 2003) by Katherine Lederer One woman's autobiographical...

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Don't Fall Asleep

By: on August 5, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
As much as you can put yourself in the right place at the right time to network, like love, it'll...

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Lunch Break: A Publishing Life in Portland

By: on July 30, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
Where are the "I love Google" bumper stickers? Krista and I are kicking ass over here in the TT office....

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Fact, Quote, Anecdote: writing a story, building a career

By: on July 27, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I am a gambler. In life, and in the casino. At the tables, craps is my game. Last week I...

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Technical Difficulties

By: on July 24, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Bear with me. I spent too much time yesterday downloading, labeling, and resizing the Montreal pics to go with my...

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Is Bill Bryson Having a Mood?

By: on July 4, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Last month I got to have margaritas with the World Hum men and their special ladies. It was a fine...

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Making it All Work

By: on June 24, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
I didn't know what to write about today. Hence the post at 3pm. This weekend I got a call back...

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Put Up or Shut Up: Take 12

By: on June 18, 2003 | # | Comments (8)
OK so I frickin wrote yesterday. I can't tell you what I was more motivated by, not wanting an opportunity...

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BEA: Networking

By: on June 2, 2003 | # | Comments (13)
On the morning I left for BEA, I found that Sean Keener had picked a "discussion" with me on the...

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Didn't Give Up

By: on May 31, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Friday morning was rough. I had been up till 1am the night before preparing for giving the BEA tour I...

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Still Working on the Book Proposal

By: on May 28, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I made major progress with the book proposal this weekend. I got fifteen chapters lined up with catchy titles and...

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10 Pages?

By: on May 14, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
I'm working on my book proposal in an effort to have it done before BEA and I'll admit I'm stuck...

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What's On Your List?

By: on May 13, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Last night some friends and I were having a discussion about what we wanted from our spouses. Typical, I'm-30-now talk...

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The Making of an Article

By: on May 12, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
This weekend I was showing my friend Susan the sights around Eugene. We went to Coburg, a small community outside...

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BEA Alert

By: on May 2, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Three and a half more weeks till Book Expo America. That means it's time to get the draft of your...

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Writing for Lucasfilm Ltd.

By: on April 16, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
I try my best to follow work that connects me to something I'm passionate about, and I've been able to...

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Personal Portfolio

By: on April 14, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Thanks for suggesting the good topic Nancy. I suppose when I hear the word portfolio I think of an artist...

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By: on April 14, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
I've never used a headhunter before but I'm looking into it now. My resume is in top shape and the...

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Weekend Warrior

By: on April 13, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Top 10 things Leo did this weekend: 1. Sand free content mailing out the door. 2. Copies of Sand mailed...

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Laptop or Bust

By: on April 6, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Friday I was looking at used laptops on eBay and but the only ones I can almost afford I've...

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Glory Days

By: on April 5, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
My childhood friend Heather and I used to talk about the Glory Days being when we were going out with...

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Gotta Get Used to Rejection

By: on April 1, 2003 | # | Comments (7)
I haven't been rejected too many times yet, but that's just a reflection of not submitting enough. Last night I...

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Write What You Know

By: on March 30, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
I know, I know — you've heard that one before. But it works. It makes writing easier and less intimidating....

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By: on March 26, 2003 | # | Comments (4)
I'm exhausted. I need a laptop. I need an assistant. If a genie were to grant me one, but only...

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War writers

By: on March 24, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
All weekend I looked for postings from the "Where is Raed?" blog. He is finally back. I was relieved to...

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The Benefits of Name-building Part I

By: on March 23, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Lately I've been asked why I think name-building is important for writers, so I thought that I'd address it here....

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So Many Reasons To Write

By: on March 19, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
I've known I was a writer since those bad love poem days of jr. high school. Or even further back...

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Could I Be Changing?

By: on March 8, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
Sure, why not. We change millions of times throughout our lifetime. Just ask the little invisible bugs that feed off...

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First Step

By: on February 26, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
If I'm not sitting in front of a movie, it's hard for me to keep still. So, on my two...

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Don't Give Up

By: on February 19, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Today was an interesting day. Extremes. I'm working in a dive for some instant cash setting appointments for insurance reps...

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Organizational Needs

By: on February 11, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
I've recently realized I'm in need of a bible. Not the new & old testament kind, but a Jen Leo...

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I Don't Want A Lonely Life

By: on February 10, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
I first got the notion that Iwanted to be a writer when Iwas disgusted with PR from my internship with...

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5 Clips

By: on February 7, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Yesterday I put together my application for the "Minority Writers" scholarship to a summer magazine writing program at the Academy...

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By: on February 7, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I just got off the CalTrain and the one thing I like about not having a car is that I...

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Getting Ready for Everything

By: on February 3, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Things are really coming together in the name building department this year. Sand In My Bra releases with Travelers' Tales...

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Diary from the 1930s

By: on January 31, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Yesterday Dale and Donna from the Busy Bee Cafe in Springfield, OR gave me the journal they've been promising. It...

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To Freelance Or Not To Freelance

By: on January 24, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
I just got back from my Eugene writers group and I got great feedback on two magazine story leads I've...

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A Different Kind of Networking

By: on January 22, 2003 | # | Comments (4)
I like to eat, and I like to talk. So, it's no surprise that I've taken up to making friends...

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What a day!

By: on January 7, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
The past 24 hours have been so much fun. And yes, I mean working. It started off yesterday morning when...

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Written Road Gets Sponsorship from

By: on January 7, 2003 | # | Comments (6)
These are exciting times indeed. Sunday night I met with Sean Keener, President of to further discuss the details...

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Hey Writers, Here's to 2003!

By: on January 1, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I won't breathe a word about resolutions, but I will say that calendar moments like we're having right now get...

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Personal - fan mail

By: on December 22, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
I just wanted to thank you all for the WrittenRoad fan mail this week. I'm glad that this is a...

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Eugene Authors and Writers

By: on December 9, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I had a blast Saturday night at a celebration of Eugene Authors and Writers party. I put on my "author...

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Personal - Will Work Anywhere

By: on December 4, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
...just about. As I come into the final final stages of editing the humor book. (Those of you who are...

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Five for the Wannabe Blogger

By: on December 2, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
My bit that ran in the East Bay Express Book section is online now. Take Five:Shopping lists for the bookworms...

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Personal -- sorry for the hiatus

By: on December 2, 2002 | # | Comments (4)
I apologize for not warning you all about the hiatus. I was away for the holidays and at a new...

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It's Time To Write

By: on November 6, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Last Friday someone on the WorkforWriters listserve posted a whole bunch of market leads and links to submission guidelines. I...

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On a personal note...

By: on October 30, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
It's a bad week to not be in SF Jamie Oliver was in town...

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By: on October 29, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I woke up this morning thinking it was after the 31st and that I'd forgotten to write up and turn...

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Letting Go

By: on October 16, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
I'm in the process of cleaning up. The big house. Yesterday I let go of the radio stuff which had...

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Both sides of the media fence

By: on October 15, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Yesterday was a bit of a strange day for me in the publishing sense. I was at a meeting at...

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Blog Delay

By: on October 11, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Sorry for the delay the past few days folks. I've caught a cold and am also spending time volunteering at...

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New Journal

By: on October 3, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
Life immitating art, or art immitating life? After having a dream that I should be recording my memoirs I scrapped...

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Jen Leo, A Writing Geek?

By: on October 2, 2002 | # | Comments (3)
I'm happy to report that Written Road the blog is now noted as one of the new web logs on...

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Get an editor

By: on September 30, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Wow, I just spent the past 30-45 minutes editing a story for the author I'm working with — let's call...

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Faith and Follow-Thru

By: on September 26, 2002 | # | Comments (5)
I spelled Follow-Thru like Drive-Thru because it reminds me of milkshakes and having a positive association might make it more...

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It's kinda like my birthday

By: on September 25, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Doesn't take much to make me happy... Hold The Enlightenment: More Travel, Less Bliss just arrived. I've got a lot...

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Tell Someone You Love Them

By: on September 25, 2002 | # | Comments (18)
I know of two instances in the past week when I've held back from telling my friends that I love...

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You're not supposed to really hold it

By: on September 24, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Someone swiped my new Tim Cahill book! I had talked to the publicist weeks ago and he was sending one...

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More on name building

By: on September 20, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
As I've mentioned before, I'm helping an author place his work, and build his name as a travel writer. Why?...

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What's the angle?

By: on September 19, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I'm working on a new article and taking it step by step. I've got the interview secured. I've talked to...

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Written Road readers checking in

By: on September 18, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
Yesterday I got an email from someone who reads this blog and it was cool to visualize her checking Written...

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Catching up with the radio gig

By: on September 18, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
After a disastrous practice run last month, things were questionable with the radio gig. Well, I finally caught up with...

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By: on September 16, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I felt very productive this weekend but at a loss for words which I don't want to call writer's block....

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Making a Literary Life

By: on September 3, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
This weekend the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review featured a review for Making A Literary Life: Advice for Writers and...

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What's your dream job?

By: on August 30, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I've been thinking a lot lately about what my dream job is. Right now, I don't have one. And I...

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Idea Sheet

By: on August 26, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Do you have one? I'm not talking about the little note book you carry in your back pocket for all...

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Name building

By: on August 20, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I'm in the process of helping my friend get more of his stories placed in print, as well as selling...

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The Byline Journey

By: on August 14, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I'm currently helping a friend get more bylines. He's already written for a variety of international magazines and has a...

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By: on August 14, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
If you like this blog, you'll like the web site more. I've had the burning, churning idea to build

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It's the little things that can make a big difference

By: on August 9, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
There's this thing called money. Maybe you've heard of it. Some say it makes the world go round, or is...

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Sanity in Writing

By: on August 7, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
My personal journal writing seems to be a historical account of my love life from 12-26. And when I write...

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Learning Curve

By: on August 1, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I'm so exhausted. I feel like I'm a hamster in a plastic ball...running, running, running...and not getting any closer to...

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A new kind of writing

By: on July 25, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Boy did I have a good day today. I've been sweating bullets about being behind on launching the radio show,...

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Temporary lack of interest

By: on July 20, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Today is San Francisco's Books by the Bay, a celebration of Independent bookstores. A day where indie bookstores come together...

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Getting the Writing Done: Sunday practice

By: on July 7, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I wrote a full story today. It seems like it has been a very long time since the last one,...

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Independence Day

By: on July 5, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Along the same songlines as the modern men that claim they shouldn't do diddly for the women in their lives...

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Everyone has a book in them....don't they?

By: on June 10, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Yesterday, I ran into Nick at the campus Starbucks in Eugene. We were sharing a table while I read submmissions...

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Direction by determination

By: on June 1, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I've taken it light this week to try and get myself set up in Eugene, OR. A few days ago...

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Working for free

By: on May 27, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Richard Sterling, editor of Travelers' Tales Food, and The Adventure of Foodamong others, and author of many Lonely Planet World...

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Focusing Retreat...I think

By: on May 26, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Have you ever been anywhere or met anyone where everything felt and fit right? It's happened to me only a...

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"On the Road Less Traveled with Jen Leo"

By: on May 23, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I've been holding out on you. I've been offered the position of hosting a radio show on the women's channel...

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I need my Centrum! & Blogging in the media

By: on May 16, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
One-a-day vitamins, the birth control pill, apples—I just can't be bothered with anything besides eating that requires my daily attention....

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Super Cargo Review

By: on April 26, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
The new East Bay Express is out and I just put a call in to one of my friends to...

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Tell her about it...

By: on April 26, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Billy Joel is the word. He had it right when he wrote the song "Tell Her About It." Of course...

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Book proposal: Market Research

By: on April 23, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Tonight I worked on the Market Research section of my book proposal. The book I want to pitch is a...

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The Personal Press Kit

By: on April 22, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Today I worked on my press kit. A marketing tool that I'll use to help pitch my book proposal, whether...

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My first Book Review

By: on April 21, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Am I alone in a private world of time managementally challenged individuals who canít say no to an opportunity? This...

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