Frommer's Favorite Travel Blogs

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There's nothing like getting kudos at the same time as all your friends! BootsnAll, WorldHum, Vagablogging, Gadling, and I all got props for our blogs....and I love that they put Rolf and me together. Nice. Hey Rolf, they called us smart, fun, travel experts! And they like our personal voice...

So, you want some inside diary type info? I pulled into Salem, IL night before last, got into my room, and the phone rang. It was Rolf, back from assignments in Greece. He made my day. We talked about each other's '06 book plans, potential parties in October/November, possibly doing a California road trip together, and a travel writing workshop we're going to teach next year. Ooh wait, that was promotional. Well, that's ok, Frommer's whispered that I'm too self-indulgent and promotional. Um yes, would they have noticed me if I wasn't?

Don't worry folks. I got lots of good industry stuff while I was on the road...I'll try and write some of it up on the plane back to Cali...stay tuned for hot new travel books!

Reminds me, the other great part about the Frommer's blog list, is that there were sites on there that I didn't know about. Please read the full article, "Editor's Choice: Our Favorite Travel Blogs," to see what other travel resources are out there. The Frommer's Staff know their shit...their lives are consumed by as much travel as ours. Probably more.

Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Writing

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travelwriting.jpgThere have been a few people writing me and asking me to either send them, or post on Written Road, what I would've said at the travel writing class I was going to teach at the Savvy Traveller. Unfortunately, it's terribly time consuming to write down what I would be gabbing off the cuff about for three hours. There's just no replacing face to face energy and addressing the individual needs of who's in the audience. Besides not having the time for that, I'd rather encourage you to get Don George's new book on Travel Writing.

Lonely Planet Guide To Travel Writing

There are several books on travel writing already, but Don has heaps of experience and teaches travel writing regularly. Go ahead and get his book, and you'll be fine. Then you can ask me specific questions and I'll see if I can answer or get the answer from someone who knows.

In the coming weeks and months I can try and give more basic 101 how to get started info on Written Road, but creating a document or book of how I would teach a class is just not something I can do right now.

I am however working out the details of teaching some workshops next year through BootsnAll, so stay tuned and we'll let you know when those will be and how much they'll cost.

Thanks for your patience.

Lists: In-Flight Mags & Travel Columnists

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Here are two handy resources I was happy to bookmark this week. It's so nice of other folks to put...

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Charles Veley: The World's Most Traveled Man?

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Have some John Flinn with your Sunday breakfast. John has an article in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine about Charles...

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Travel Writing Classes with Larry Habegger

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Larry is at it again, folks! This time, an advanced class. His students have gone on to get published in...

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Worldwide Freelance Writer

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You're probably already getting the Worldwide Freelance Writer newsletter. If not, sign up, it's FREE. As newsletters go, they can...

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Book Passage Has a Blog

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But of course....everybody does now, don't they? Yes, Book Passage has a brand new baby blog. It was born September...

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Grammar Style Sheet

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I need to print this out in large type and post it in the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom because where...

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Creative Writing Class in Paris with Rolf Potts

By: on July 31, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
This week I got to be a guest lecturer at Rolf's creative writing class at the Paris American Academy in...

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Peace Corps Writers

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The Peace Corps Writers website, although created as a resource for former PC volunteers, seems like it could be useful...

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World Hum 2.0 Is Here!

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The new redesign launches today and I got a sneek peek! First of all, it's important to tell you...

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Top 50 Lists

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Two top 50 lists came out last week that are worth mentioning: Chicago Tribune's 50 Best Magazines List, which includes...

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Writers Workshop on the Canal du Midi in Southern France

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There's still a slot available in TT Executive Editor Larry Habegger's week-long intensive writers workshop July 24-30 on the Canal...

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Written Road Makes WD's 101 Best Websites for Writers

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Wow! This is so GREAT. I'm truly flattered and thankful that writers out there are finding Written Road useful. We...

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BnA Travel Writing Forum

By: on May 24, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
Did a quick check of the BootsnAll forums, always chock full of advice and tips on all things travel. Here...

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NYU Summer Workshop

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What: NYU School of Professional Studies non-credit course From Traveler to Travel Writer: A Writing Workshop When: Friday & Saturday,...

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Writers Weekly had an article on booksigning tips this week. Martha Reed offered good advice, but I wanted the more...

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Freewriting Exercises

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These travel-inspired freewriting exercises from the NYC Writers Group Blog might come in handy. The creative topics could jump start...

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Tara Weaver: Interview with a Developmental Book Editor

By: on May 2, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
I met Tara Weaver when we were working at Travelers' Tales. She came on as an intern, took over the...

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Mid-Week Roundup

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Here are some quick links to stuff from around the web in the past week: 1) Media Bistro Toolbox's Hit...

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Sounds that inspire?

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Just something fun I stumbled across awhile back, via Journalisimo : A link to iSerenity's sound environments. If you miss...

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Seattle Area Class

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Just a quick plug for this class I saw on author Dave Fox's website: Writing the Inner Journey: Self-Discovery Through...

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The MB Toolbox

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I often scan MediaBistro's Toolbox. I find it to be an excellent recource for novice writers (like myself), but it...

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Rite in the Rain

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The Moleskine notebook is wonderfully designed and very popular for journaling on the road, but what about when nature...

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This is great. I love it. Double the pleasure. Double the fun. YaGoohoo!gle Run your name and see which side...

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Gotham Writers' Workshop Class

By: on April 1, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
Thanks to David Farley for bringing another spring travel writing workshop to our attention. Here's the scoop on this upcoming...

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NY Round Table Writers' Conference

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The First Annual New York Round Table Writers' Conference will take place on April 29 and 30th. From the...

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Spring Travel Writing Classes

By: on March 25, 2005 | # | Comments (6)
Ready to return to those rough drafts you began before Christmas? Need some extra coaching to get you back in...

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More than Just a Writing Group

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Larry Habegger, Executive Editor of Travelers' Tales, leads two monthly advanced writing groups. He calls them his Wednesday and Thursday...

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Outside is Looking for a Photo Editor

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A little kitty told me that Outside is looking for a full time photo editor. "Candidates must have excellent communication...

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GoNomad's Cash Grants for Travel Writers

By: on March 10, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Hey travel writers, ever had a story you really wanted to research but you didn't quite have all the dosh...

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Freelance Daily: A Job Lead Blog for Writers

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Freelance Daily a blog by Dave Copeland, looks promising. But before you get too excited about all the job leads...

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Tim Leffel on the Myths of Being a Travel Writer

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Here's another article worth reading, and I found it on Carl's Travel Writers blog. The Seven Myths of Being a...

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2005 Foreign Correspondent Training Course

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If I had known about a class like this when I was in college, I hope that I would've taken...

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Booksellers Chat it up on Ebay Discussion Boards

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My friend Hugh, a bookseller in Memphis, TN just told me about the booksellers discussion boards on Ebay. It's in...

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Most Common Mistakes on Thong Submissions

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So, here I am reading submissions for The Thong Also Rises, and I thought I'd take a minute to pass...

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Preditors & Editors

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This has been around for a long while but I just saw it again this morning and wanted to pass...

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Bloggers Favorite Books of 2004

By: on December 19, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
Newly Purnell, author of An American Living and Teaching English in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, flattered me big-time when he invited...

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How Many of Your Books Are In Stock?

By: on December 2, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
In doing that last post on Jonathan Raban, I discovered that the Third Place Books website shows how many books...

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Writing Residencies

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So, there are probably a gazillion, or at least a few hundred writing residency programs out there. I'm not talking...

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Travel Classics West Conference

By: on November 27, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Laurie King of the Travel Writers' Calendar went to the Travel Classics West Travel Writers Conference at The Sanctuary at...

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Travel Poetry?

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The Tupelo Dorset Prize makes me think of how Tim Cahill got his yoga assignment. "Jen, there's a poetry contest...

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By: on November 17, 2004 | # | Comments (8)
I'm reposting this because it got invaded by spam hackers. I think it is a good one to keep because...

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The Uglier Side of the Travel Writing Game

By: on November 10, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
William Georgiades, I think I love you. And I don't use that word liberally. But, ok, today I am. Maybe...

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Contact leads for your UK Stories

By: on November 10, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
UKInbound, formerly called The British Incoming Tour Operators Association (BITOA), represents more than 250 British tourism suppliers with 5,000 outlets...

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By: on November 8, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Check it. an online magazine — about “engaged” travel Are you engaged? I am. Save the congrats, it's not...

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Meet New People, Get a Story Lead

By: on November 2, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Yesterday night on the train I moved seats to let a family be closer to the tv I wasn't watching....

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Backstory: Do You Have One?

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Damn! I love this word. I actually have a folder on my computer called "Backstory". It is the title of...

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Story Lead?

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Can anyone use this? I think there is a fascinating story behind this. Especially if you were to look at...

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Helfpul Advice and Links for Columnists

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If you are interested in getting your column syndicated, check this out. What a nice guy for writing all that...

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Do You Have A Completed Manuscript?

By: on October 12, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I was just surfing through the Craigslist writer ads and found a call for completed or very nearly done manuscripts...

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MOBYlives is back

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Dennis Loy Johnson is back to blogging. Mobylives: news & commentary on books & writers We were talking about him...

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NATJA Award Time

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Wow, this year has gone by FAST! It feels like I've lived three years in the past one. Susan, can...

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By: on October 7, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
The reason behind writing this post is two-fold. First, my friends at put out a call for support to...

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10 Tips to Creating A Powerful Platform

By: on October 6, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
"10 Tips to Creating a Powerful Platform" by Annie Jennings She has her own PR agency— Annie Jennings PR.

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Google Print (Beta)

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Google is being book friendly. Letting book content go through their system so that people searching topics will have books...

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Washington Post's Best Travel Websites Picks

By: on September 27, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
This looks like a great article, but it's one to get the paper for. The website gives you a series...

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Book Deals...The Real Deal

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Oh my gosh this is too funny. If I hadn't been reading Jay Gesin's Anthem Book Blog, I wouldn't have...

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CNT Editor (UK) Gives Great Advice to Wannabe Travel Writers

By: on September 21, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Even if you don't live or want to write for UK publications, this is still a good article to read....

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Breaking In To National Geographic Traveler

By: on September 20, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
There's a great thread on Media Bistro from earlier this year about breaking into NGT. Someone who had an intern...

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Bookstore Tourism

By: on September 9, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
"'Bookstore Tourism' How-To Creates Travel Niche for Booklovers, Supports Independent Booksellers" Oh good grief. Like I have time to read...

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Writing Seminars from the Grotto

By: on September 3, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Jennica, one of the TT interns and contributor to Panties took a Grotto travel writing seminar and really enjoyed it....

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My Travel Bug Lists Grants by Region!

By: on August 28, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
You wanted grants, you got 'em! My Travel Bug has an organized page of research grants, fellowships, and scholarship foundations!...

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Advanced Travel Writing Classes with Larry Habegger

By: on August 27, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
If you're looking to take your travel writing to the next level, you'll want to get in on one of...

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Writer's Weekly: What Not to Say in Your Book Proposal

By: on August 25, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
Angela Hoy's Writer's Weekly had an article that piqued my interest this week. "10 Things NOT to Say in Your...

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Travel Grants and such

By: on August 24, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Dan, this is really a big topic and I suggest you consult with a librarian who can point you in...

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Sustainable Tourism Awards

By: on August 24, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Here is an award that you can start studying up on. Sustainable Tourism Awards from Smithsonian Magazine/Travelers Conservation Foundation They...

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Breaking In To National Geographic Traveler

By: on August 11, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
There's a great thread on Media Bistro from earlier this year about breaking into NGT. Someone who had an intern...

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Story Leads: Travel News

By: on August 5, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Here's a travel news site that could give you some story leads... TravelVideo.TV: The World On The Web I'm impressed...

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Media Bistro: Freelance Marketplace

By: on July 30, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Media Bistro is well known for their writing classes, career advice, industry job leads, and great articles on "How to...

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Assignment Desk

By: on July 27, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
I just wanted to remind you how cool Media Kitty is. I did a post on it when I first...

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M.J. Rose: Q & A With A Novelist On Her Virtual Book Tour

By: on July 26, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Today we are fortunate to have mystery novelist M.J. Rose visiting us on her Virtual Book Tour. Author of...

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WiFi Hits the Open Road

By: on July 23, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Richard and Angela Hoy are taking their family and business East to West in search of as many WiFi hotspots...

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Technorati: The Books People Are Talking About

By: on July 19, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I've been spending some time on It's a website that searches the "World Live Web". Anyway, it has a...

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Blogging Into a Travel Writing Class

By: on July 13, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
George Estrada just started a blog for his travel writing class at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. JMC 490...

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Getting Work in Berlin

By: on July 6, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
A friend asked me if I had any suggestions for a freelancer looking for writing work in Berlin. It's an...

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Rolex Awards

By: on June 29, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Did you guys see these in the National Geographic Adventure newsletter? The Rolex Awards Projects $100,000 each for five winners....

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Dispelling the Dream

By: on June 21, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
Thanks to Publishers Lunch, I read a good article this morning about the realities of publishing a first book. "Pile...

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Crafting the Personal Travel Story

By: on June 16, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
It's not too late to get into Larry Habegger's class at Book Passage this weekend. Crafting the Personal Travel Story...

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Great American Writing Road Trip Adventure

By: on June 14, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
"a cross-country journey promoting the art of writing, with events in more than thirty independent and chain bookstores. You'll hear...

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Fodor's Travel Blog

By: on May 27, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Look which travel guidebook decided to join the blog world. Right This Way: Fodor's Editors Scope Out the Travel Scene...

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Job Listings

By: on May 24, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Here are some job leads that I found tonight. Good luck! Travel Writer for Southern Living Magazine as seen on...

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Traveling with Computers

By: on May 20, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Here are some resources I've found for us. But I think we can all agree that in the world of...

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In Your Pocket

By: on April 20, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Thanks to Rolf, I spent a meal with his friend Wendy Wrangham in Prague. She has traveled extensively, or at...

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Guidebook Writers' Blogs

By: on April 13, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
This weekend Arthur Frommer wrote about verteran guidebook writers turning to blogs. I found it in the San Francisco Chronicle...

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More Agent Research For You

By: on April 8, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I found this on the WorkforWriters list serve today: Bestselling Books and Who Their Agents Are Are you subscribing to...

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Is It A Trip, Or Is It A Writing Class?

By: on April 5, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
You be the judge. IgoUgo has teamed up with Media Bistro to sell a travel writing class in Provence. Travel...

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A Writing Contest for Booksellers!

By: on March 31, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
There's a switch. Travelers' Tales is honoring booksellers with a writing contest all of their own. Now the hard working...

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Travel Blogs in USA Today

By: on March 17, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
If you follow the BootBlog, World Hum, or Rolf Pott's Vagablogging—you already know about their recent coverage in USA Today....

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A Prize Worth Writing For

By: on March 17, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Just read the award list for the Writer's Digest 73rd Annual Writing Competition and I think you'll be ready to...

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What to Expect When You Get Published

By: on March 14, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Jenny Bent spells it out for you. I know I'm always recommending her site to those who are working on...

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Resource Articles for Writers of All Kinds

By: on March 1, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
A plethora of advice for writers in various levels of their career (or hobby). Writer's Resource Center...

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A free trip to Australia if your writing is good enough

By: on February 26, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
The official title of the award is: The Henry Lawson Award for Travel Writing It is an annual prize sponsored...

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Journalists Blogging, UK Style

By: on February 24, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Here is a list of (mostly) UK based Journalists who are blogging away. I found it on dot Journalism: online...

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Looking for an Agent?

By: on February 21, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
When it's not sent to my bulk mail, I get the Todd James Pierce newsletter, and always find it inspiring....

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By: on February 21, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
I'm in love. This is the coolest thing since I bought my Dazzle. My Daily Routine organizes all the websites...

» Continue reading ", My Daily Routine"

Jenny Bent, Say It Isn't So...

By: on February 20, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
I just went to, (the agent I want the most), and saw that she's not taking unsolicited submissions. How...

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By: on February 19, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
Another place to get edu-ma-cated: Hey, I need one of those home pages that will give me everything I...

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Chip On Your Shoulder

By: on February 19, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Oooooh look what I just found! A column for writers on the incredibly informative "Chip On Your Shoulder":Inspiration &...

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Write About Ontario

By: on February 15, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
According to Travel Weekly, Ontario is going to shell out the big bucks to bring back tourists post SARS. It...

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DC Writers Step Up to the Plate

By: on February 14, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
AOL City Guide is hiring temporary editors. OK pay for up to a year. It's not exactly travel, but it's...

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"Writer, Edit Thyself"

By: on February 12, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Did you see Jan Weiss's article on Media Bistro yesterday about editing your own writing? Hey, if she can do...

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Laurie King's Blog for Travel Writers

By: on January 30, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Good news for you! Laurie King has turned her highly informative email newsletter, "The Travel Writers' Calendar," into a blog....

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Book Trade Info in Britain

By: on January 27, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
And if you want to know what's going on in Britain's book world, check out I like their directory...

» Continue reading "Book Trade Info in Britain"

Publishing Jobs

By: on January 26, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Have you seen the new and improved Publishers Weekly website? It's a great source for keeping up with the latest...

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Expanding Your Audience

By: on January 23, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Work with Google to put your content in front of millions of readers If you're an established publisher, author, or...

» Continue reading "Expanding Your Audience"

Review of Literary Blogs

By: on January 22, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
This is definitely worth a read. Too bad I'm too busy to give all those cool sounding blogs a looksee....

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Travel Trade Magazines

By: on January 14, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
Ok travel writers...think outside the box. You can also write for the travel trade industry. Here are a plethora of...

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A Caution to New Writers

By: on November 4, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
"Digital-e info to go!" sounds like some abstract online thing. But what you'll find is a great resource for new...

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Travel Writing 101

By: on October 6, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
Gary Crucefix, a founding editor at Fiction House, gives a good simple overview to Travel Writing on Note all...

» Continue reading "Travel Writing 101"

Everyone Who's Anyone

By: on August 28, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
Looking for the inside scoop and contact info on agents but can't be bothered to go to the library and...

» Continue reading "Everyone Who's Anyone"

Writers Market Encyclopedia

By: on March 16, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Not sure about writers jargon or trade lingo? Or maybe you've always wanted a brief overview of travel writing before...

» Continue reading "Writers Market Encyclopedia"

Web sites for Writers

By: on March 12, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
Someone on my WorkforWriters list serve asked for help on an article about the 50 best web sites for writers....

» Continue reading "Web sites for Writers"

Anne Lamott in The Writer

By: on March 10, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
She's the coolest, isn't she? I love her style even if I am way behind in keeping up with her...

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Great Resource for Writers!

By: on January 23, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Hey, if you thought Written Road was cool for giving you market resource leads, check this out: The Burry Man...

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The Journalist's Toolbox: Global Journalism

By: on January 1, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Holy global links Batman! Check out the Journalist's Toolbox: An Online Resource for Reporters & Editors A plethora of resources...

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"Because You Need To Eat"

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That is the coolest motto I've ever seen for a job web site. I think I've just found the best...

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If you love knowing what's going on...

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Get on the list It is a group of professional writers that are sharing their resources with each other....

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Blogging Community About Writing

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Have you been to yet? It's choc-a-block with resources for writers. I was thrilled to find a community of...

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Overcoming Writer's Block

By: on July 28, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
This week an epal I met through asked me for some suggestions on how to ease her writer's block....

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Overcoming Writer's Block

By: on July 28, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
This week an epal I met through asked me for some suggestions on how to ease her writer's block....

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Newsies, newsies, newsies

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While we're on the subject of newsletters — you want 'em, I got 'em! Sign up here for lots of...

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