Wildcam: Thank you National Geographic!

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I'd like to think that I would be this in love with the Pete's Pond webcam if it wasn't named Pete. But come on, there's something special about the name Pete or Peter. Have you ever met one you didn't like? Now, don't let me waste your time with nonsense talk—get busy downloading National Geographic's Pete's Pond!

If you like watching the fish tank before you go to sleep at Mandalay Bay, you'll LOVE this webcam of a watering hole in Botswana. The camera does move around to different areas of the pond. I haven't seen any animals yet, but that's because I haven't watched it during peak viewing times—4:00p.m. - 6:00p.m. Botswana time. Right now it's 3:00p.m. and I'm at 8:00 a.m. Central Time.

OH MY GOSH I just saw a croc!

What did I tell you? This is the coolest thing.

And if you need the instant gratification of seeing animals NOW, check out their video clips. I haven't done that yet, I'm still waiting to see them LIVE. Oooh, the croc just put it's head underwater...now, if only a little bird would come to the edge. Here little birdy birdy....

Lonely Planet Podcasts

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Well, it didn't take Lonely Planet long to jump on my favorite bandwagon! I love the podcasting....And Don George is the host!

Lonely Planet Travelcasts

Don't worry, if you haven't heard of podcasts, they explain it to you. So far they've got two up, one on Southern Thailand in recovery with Rafael Wlodarski , and the other on St Petersburg.

I listened to Don's interview with Simon Richmond about St Petersburg. These podcasts are great for travelers who haven't been to the destination yet, because Don asks questions that set the scene for what the traveler can expect. He also asks the destination expert what three things are a must see for someone traveling to the location right now. He also asks for a surprising travel suggestion from the expert, as well as how to prepare for a trip there, among other travel guide info.

The podcasts will be updated weekly. Lonely Planet also explains how you can subscribe through iTunes, as well as getting their RSS feed.

I love the newness of this. And it keeps in line with the service of Lonely Planet's other products. Good work, Don!

Charles Veley: The World's Most Traveled Man?

By: on September 25, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Have some John Flinn with your Sunday breakfast. John has an article in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine about Charles...

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Travel Reads in the Web World

By: on August 18, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
Here are some travel reads that have crossed my desk recently...hopefully you can check them out....just in case I...

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Seeking mobile professionals

By: on August 11, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
Tonya at Adventure Journalist is in the developing stages of a new blog project and wants to talk with professionals...

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Are You a Jetrosexual? Virgin Atlantic Wants to Know

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This is excellent. A contest to find a hip and active traveler. They're not talking about budget travelers, so if...

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Women in Print Closes Sept 11

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Wow. Another indie store closes. I wonder if there is a clock somewhere that tells us how many independently...

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Are Editors On the Endangered Species List?

By: on August 9, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
If you needed a good editor, could you find one? Big thanks to Raj for alerting us to this article...

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Notes From the Road

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I've been a big fan of Erik Gauger's Notes from the Road for over a year now. His website is...

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Golf and Travel Writing, a Perspective on the Current State

By: on July 19, 2005 | # | Comments (7)
Tim McDonald discusses his take on the state of travel writing in the Golf industry. Is it objective? Is it...

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Friday Roundup

By: on July 15, 2005 | # | Comments (4)
TGIF! I've gathered an assortment of this week's travel publishing news from around the web, to keep you clicking through...

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By: on July 14, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
If you didn't find what you were looking for on the Summer Reading List, then give BiblioTravel a whirl --...

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Summer Travel MP3CDs

By: on July 11, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
The Sunday Times had an article on The Sounds of Summer this past weekend. I thought the idea of having...

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PLANET looking for intern

By: on June 14, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
I'm a big fan of internships. I was the first intern at Travelers' Tales and learned heaps about publishing from...

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Asian Tourism Mags Article

By: on May 17, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Here's an interesting article from the just released Columbia Journalism New York Review of Magazines: Paradise Lost - How Asian...

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Latitudes Mag

By: on May 3, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
I have to echo Erik's post at Gadling to check out Latitudes Mag, tag line: Travel Attitudes. It's more...

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Food Blogger Does Travel Writing

By: on April 21, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
I scan several food blogs on a regular basis to keep up with what and where to eat when I'm...

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By: on April 19, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Boldtype (formerly a web-based literary magazine) used to be a part of Random House, but was reinvented by Flavorpill...

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Rite in the Rain

By: on April 15, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
The Moleskine notebook is wonderfully designed and very popular for journaling on the road, but what about when nature...

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Amazon wants Authors?

By: on April 7, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
I just read on Jay's Anthem Book Blog that Amazon wants content from authors. He took it from a Publishers...

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Pearls Before Swine on Book Signings

By: on March 27, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
I like Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis. This week they did some strips on book signings. March 21: Goat...

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Do you have photos of the South Pacific?

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Just a quick call to let you know Travelers' Tales is on the hunt for a picture of the South...

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Falling Asleep To Bill Bryson

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I didn't know iPods had a sleep function. I already wanted one, but now...I, you, we can fall asleep peacefully,...

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Buy a Date with Jen Leo

By: on February 14, 2005 | # | Comments (54)
That's right, I am going to auction myself off for a night and it has nothing to do with book...

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X Quest and Geo Greats on CTV

By: on February 11, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
OK, so what kind of satellite dish cable TV do I need to have to get a Canadian channel? "X...

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A9.com Making Life That Much Easier

By: on January 29, 2005 | # | Comments (2)
I haven't heard anyone talking about this down in Palo Alto yet, but I bet that'll change soon. My new...

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So You Wanna Write A Bestseller...

By: on January 27, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
USA Today's Book section has an article that tells you what the big pubs are looking for. "After 'America,' a...

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NYU Management Forum for Independent Publishers

By: on January 13, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Ok, so the title of the post makes this conference sound really nerdy. But I would love to take this....

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Submission Call: Travel TV Hosts & Stories

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A few Travel TV items have recently crossed my desk. Where will you end up, in front or in back...

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Get Fuzzy on Writing II

By: on December 21, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
In case you missed it, Get Fuzzy is still talking about Bucky's autobiography. I'm a happy camper. Dec. 13 Bucky's...

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Get Fuzzy on Writing

By: on December 13, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
As of December 6, 2004, Bucky Katt on the comic strip Get Fuzzy by Darby Conley is trying to write...

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iPod uses for travel writers

By: on December 9, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
I already wanted an iPod, but now I know I NEED one. "iPod-oltry on the Road," on Fodor's RightThisWay, got...

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Words Without Borders

By: on December 3, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
How cool is this?! I don't even know where to start reading! How come nobody has told me about this?!...

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Travel Tips from Rock Stars

By: on November 21, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Veteran travelers will know some of the more pracitcal of these tips, like Dave Navarro's suggestion to underpack, but it's...

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Midtown Books: Betting on Book Sales

By: on November 18, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
My friends at Midtown Books in Memphis, TN have outdone themselves. Owner Hugh Hollowell sent me this email last week...

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Global Scavenger Hunt Call for Participants

By: on November 17, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
I just saw this on Travel Video.TV 3rd Annual Around-the-World Travel Competition Looking For Globetrotting Participants" This is the first...

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Building with Books

By: on November 14, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Are you a book lover? No, I mean do you love books enough to decorate your room with furniture made...

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Post a picture on Amazon with your review

By: on October 27, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
I just saw on CNET that Amazon has a new feature where reviewers can post a pic with their words....

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WordsWorth Update

By: on October 27, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Sadly, change is inevitable. "WordsWorth Books' final chapter is Saturday" "Friedman said she and her husband, Hillel Stavis, who founded...

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Travel Writers in Tucson

By: on October 26, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
Isn't it nice that people who prefer Los Angeles to San Francisco live there? -- Herb Caen buy levitra cheap...

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Saturday Travel Book Notes

By: on October 23, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Here are some of the things that caught my eye this morning... Forgetting the name of your book... "Novelist Beryl...

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The Future of Entertainment...Including Books

By: on October 20, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
The Long Tail By Chris Anderson [October 2004 WIRED] Forget squeezing millions from a few megahits at the top of the...

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Indie Bookstores Looking for Angels

By: on October 20, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Well, Publisher's Lunch brought a bit of bad news this morning. They said that the end is near for WordsWorth,...

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Quantifying Word of Mouth

By: on October 20, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
"Quantifying Word of Mouth"by Pete Blackshaw (October 19, 2004) [MarketingProfs.com] It is the first time I've heard the term CGM....

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Sunday Travel Bits

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Here are some things that were of interest to me today. Steve Keenan, Deputy Travel Edtior for the TIMES in...

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Durex Global Sex Survey

By: on October 13, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Via [Right This Way] Hey, if John Rambow got sucked in...I can admit it, too. Durex Global Sex Survey 2004...

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What's a Nobel in literature really worth?

By: on October 12, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
I love it when I just stumble upon articles written by my friends. Good one, Oscar. What's a Nobel in...

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By: on October 7, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
The reason behind writing this post is two-fold. First, my friends at WorldHum.com put out a call for support to...

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Jon Stewart on Fresh Air

By: on September 30, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Did anyone hear Jon Stewart on Fresh Air today? James really wants me to be on the show, but I'll...

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Motorcycle Diaries

By: on September 23, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
THE MOVIE MotorcycleDiariesthemovie.com MD on IMDB.com THE HYPE Win a trip to Peru (from STA Travel), Bolivia from (Amizade.org), or...

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Saturday News Bits

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Lots to report on: BookTV's taping of the A Sense of Place event at the Pan Pacific Hotel will air...

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Bookselling This Week: Media Guide

By: on August 31, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Whether you're an author looking for your name, an up-and-comer researching publishers-in-the-now, a PR hound looking for media leads, or...

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Calling Travel Writers with the Scoop on Africa

By: on August 15, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I've just heard that the award-winning Irish travel TV series Amu is looking for travel writers to give them leads...

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Powell's: A Decade of Reading Essay Contest

By: on August 11, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
What was your most memorable reading experience of the last ten years? Write up 300-750 words and send it...

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By: on August 11, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Last night I was meeting with some writer friends. One of whom was Alison Wright. I haven't seen Ali in...

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National Geographic Home Collection

By: on July 25, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Damn they are smart. National Geographic has taken their branding to the living room and we're not talking about another...

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CFP: What Are These?

By: on July 16, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
More "Call for Papers" have come in. Since I am not from the academic world, can someone please explain this...

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Call for Conference Papers

By: on July 13, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Speaking of travel writing classes, I also found a call for conference papers on Teaching Creative Non-Fiction at the Northeast...

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TravelComment.com: Can Travel Writers Stay Humble...Please?

By: on July 7, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
I like Joel Widzer, author of The Penny Pincher's Passport to Luxury Travel. And I was thrilled to read on...

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Molvania, A.A.Gill, ELAND, and my friends

By: on July 1, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Sorry for being absent this week. Plenty going on, and I'm doing my best to balance getting my work done...

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Advice for Photojournalists

By: on May 27, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Managing Editor of TIME, James Kelly, offers photo advice in the May 31, 2004 issue. It's online now. "Brokering the...

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IPPY Book Awards Announced

By: on May 26, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
Here are the travel winners and finalists from this year's Independent Publisher Book Awards. BIG CONGRATS to Don George and...

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TV Interview Tips for Authors

By: on May 25, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
You've written your book and managed to convince an agent to sell it for you. Your agent has managed to...

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WiFi Speed Spray

By: on May 23, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
The hottest stocking stuffer this Christmas will be WiFi Speed Spray. Damn, this would be cool....

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Is Your Travelogue A Household Name?

By: on May 23, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I was at a party last night listening to my friends talk about their upcoming trip to Russia. The husband...

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Signspotting for a RTW ticket

By: on May 21, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
BootsnAll is giving away a free Round the World plane ticket with Star Alliance for the best Signspotting photo of...

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Can You See Your Opportunity?

By: on May 9, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I have four big deadlines this week and found a quote to help me deal with the stress. "Opportunity is...

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Picnic with Rolf and Jen this Sunday!

By: on April 29, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Join us for a fun afternoon in the park! Rolf Potts and I will be getting some sun and eating...

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Summer Contests Worth Applying For

By: on April 21, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Footy lovers, why not give it a shot? Free tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final. Road trip USA....VW's Wild...

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Free Pass to TravelCom 2004

By: on April 16, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
Today is the last day to register for your FREE pass to the exhibit hall at TravelCom 2004. After that...

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Guidebook Writers' Blogs

By: on April 13, 2004 | # | Comments (5)
This weekend Arthur Frommer wrote about verteran guidebook writers turning to blogs. I found it in the San Francisco Chronicle...

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Farewell to the Savvy Traveler Radio Show

By: on March 30, 2004 | # | Comments (1)
When I called Travelers' Tales yesterday morning, Susan told me that The Savvy Traveler was at an end. They heard...

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Van Gogh Was a Writer

By: on March 22, 2004 | # | Comments (3)
I went to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam this weekend. I am always inspired to look at an artist's...

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An End to Bookpeople

By: on March 17, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Well this is sad news. Dated news since they filed for Chapter 11 last August, but it just crossed my...

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My Life in Travel: Nelly Furtado

By: on March 8, 2004 | # | Comments (4)
Aoife O'Riordain at The Independent interviewed Nelly Furtado. My Life in Travel: Nelly Furtado Maybe this post will expand WR...

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Women Bloggers

By: on March 6, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
The NY Daily News recently published an article on New York women bloggers. "I am woman, hear me blog" And...

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Travel Commerce Expo

By: on February 28, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
I'd like to go to this. Travel Commerce Expo The who's who convention of big money travel companies. I wonder...

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Jimmy Carter, Blogger

By: on February 23, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Here is Jimmy Carter's blog about his trip to West Africa. There are five posts from Feb 2-9, links to...

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STA Travel Trust

By: on February 13, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Hey, look who's giving away money for travel! STA Travel Trust Maybe your next book is worthy of funding...you never...

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Michael Kelly Award in Journalism

By: on February 6, 2004 | # | Comments (2)
If you think you've got what it takes, by all means turn in your application. The Atlantic Monthly is sponsoring...

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I Love it When I'm Wrong...

By: on December 31, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
...when it goes in my favor. I've been wrong twice in the past 24 hours and for this, I'm pleased....

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Intestinal Fortitude, It Applies to Writers too

By: on December 23, 2003 | # | Comments (6)
I love my book. It is essential for a writer to read. And that is something that I’ve struggled with...

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British Guild of Travel Writers

By: on December 20, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
If you have some spare time... Rather, if you're procrastinating... Check out the British Guild of Travel Writers. They have...

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Best Weblogs of 2003

By: on December 15, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I'm supposed to be blogging for Hotelchatter.com right now. But as I'm cruising around for links, I found this. Best...

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The Realities of Writing

By: on November 18, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Sometimes the story has to keep cooking. Last week I was working on my article for BREAK, the magazine for...

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Longitude's Best of 2003

By: on November 13, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
There's a whole lot of reading to do… Check out Longitude.com's Best of 2003 Did you like any of these...

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A Caution to New Writers

By: on November 4, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
"Digital-e info to go!" sounds like some abstract online thing. But what you'll find is a great resource for new...

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What Makes a Great Query Letter?

By: on November 2, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Experienced writers at Freelancewriting.com give the inside scoop on what you need to put in a good query letter. "How...

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By: on October 10, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Big thanks to Jennifer Colvin for passing along the New York Times article on Readerville.com With Friends Like These, Who...

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How to Road Trip

By: on October 9, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Leslie Harpold of The Morning News had this to say about the very same thing that I'm doing now....

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Dream Job

By: on September 21, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
BootsnAll.com, one of the best travel websites on the net, is looking for a travel writer. If you are...

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Congratulations Journeywoman!

By: on September 15, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Journeywoman.com is celebrating their 10th Anniversary. You are probably already aware of this website but it is worth a fresh...

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The Six Sins of Self Publishing

By: on July 31, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Ken Volmer, author of The Wanderlust Survival Guide has just written The Six Sins of Self Publishing. It's chock full...

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Palm Digital Media

By: on July 29, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
I'm intrigued by the ebooks on Palm Digital Media. I don't own a Palm, but I do wonder how many...

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Writers, Don't Embarrass Yourselves

By: on July 28, 2003 | # | Comments (5)
So, I'm sitting here at Travelers'Tales jamming away on setting up more events, and Krista called out to me about...

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Intern for the Weekend!

By: on July 15, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
When Erik Trinidad told me that he wanted to come up to Montreal to help me promote Sand in My...

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What's the Point?

By: on July 8, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Travel Writers Tout Their Top Ten Roads Can someone tell me why they made a big deal out of this...

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Is Bill Bryson Having a Mood?

By: on July 4, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Last month I got to have margaritas with the World Hum men and their special ladies. It was a fine...

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Why Write a Book?

By: on June 27, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
There's a fascinating discussion about why people want to write a book at 2blowhards.com I've read the main post, but...

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BootsnAll Travel Writing Forum

By: on June 21, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
Would you like to talk about travel writing with writers who are embarking on a similar path? Check out the...

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Win a Free Trip to Oz

By: on May 15, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
GORP.com is giving away a free trip to Australia. 12 days isn't much, but it's better than nothing. And sneaking...

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Free tickets to Toronto

By: on April 30, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
Do you live in New York, Montreal, or Ottawa? If yes, grab a free flight to Toronto with Jetsgo....

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People are Dreamin'

By: on April 23, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
A previous post, Ideas Happen, is generating great ideas in the comments area. I hope that all posters are also...

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101 Best Web sites for Writers

By: on April 22, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Writer's Digest just came out with their 101 Best Web sites for Writers. It's in their May issue. The list...

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Writing as Publicity

By: on April 20, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Here is an article that goes a long with my frequent topic of namebuilding and why it's important. Why Write...

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Ideas Happen

By: on April 16, 2003 | # | Comments (23)
Visa has just raised itself to platinum status in my book. The olympics are always cool, but this is spot...

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Kinkos Can Do It All

By: on April 12, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Living in the technical stone age without WiFi, an IPod, a Palm — let alone a printer or a fax...

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When Ad Men Cry

By: on April 10, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Have you seen the most recent issue of Islands Magazine? If you haven't, you've gotta read the Letter from the...

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Calling all never-going-home Brits

By: on April 5, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Hey, are you a Brit who just doesn't want to go home? (Nick?) You could be a part of a...

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PR Media Contacts

By: on April 2, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Need PR media lists and PR related newsletters? Here's a ton of links and contact info......

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How NOT to Get Published

By: on March 31, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
How NOT to Get Published Amen. I found this link on the WorkforWriters listserve. Feel free to join them at...

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Travel Editor Wanted

By: on March 29, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Travel Age West -- Northstar Travel Media is looking for an editor with 7+ years editorial experience to join their...

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Blog from an Iraqi in Baghdad

By: on March 20, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
Now this beats watching the war news on TV. Wow. Where is Raed? There are also several other blogs to...

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By: on March 17, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Just for fun.... WordSpy.com The more time you spend on this site, the better your writing will be....

» Continue reading "WordSpy.com"

Lowell Thomas Award Deadline

By: on March 17, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
The April 15 deadline for the Lowell Thomas Awards will be here before we know it. Given by the Society...

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Writers Market Encyclopedia

By: on March 16, 2003 | # | Comments (0)
Not sure about writers jargon or trade lingo? Or maybe you've always wanted a brief overview of travel writing before...

» Continue reading "Writers Market Encyclopedia"

Want a career in publishing?

By: on March 15, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. do a good job of explaining the different departments in a publishing company. A Career...

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Salon.com -- Old News?

By: on February 23, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
This article is a week old, but if you haven't heard about it maybe you'd like to know about it....

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Magazine rankings by circulation

By: on February 7, 2003 | # | Comments (2)
This is fascinating to me to see what magazines Americans are paying to read. Ad Age's list of top 200...

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Win A Free RTW Trip

By: on January 3, 2003 | # | Comments (3)
There's so much going on around the launch of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel...

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The Journalist's Toolbox: Global Journalism

By: on January 1, 2003 | # | Comments (1)
Holy global links Batman! Check out the Journalist's Toolbox: An Online Resource for Reporters & Editors A plethora of resources...

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Seeking Minority Writers

By: on December 30, 2002 | # | Comments (3)
This was in the classifieds section of this week's Eugene Weekly —and I just might apply... WE WANT MINORITY WRITERS:...

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Travel Reading

By: on December 4, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Reading An Area's Soul from The Dallas Morning News Stephen Trimble takes a look at historic trailblazing journals. More than...

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By: on December 3, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Did you see this week's Yahoo Picks? They featured a site called NotWriting.com and I think it's great. "What would...

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It's Webby Time Again

By: on November 24, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I can't believe it's already time again...but it is. Submissions for the 7th Annual Webby Awards end December 20th. For...

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Free Travel = More Travel Writing Potential

By: on November 16, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Frommers.com announced in their newsletter last night that RyanAir.com is giving away 500,000 seats until Nov.18, 2002. It's for flights...

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Google Travel Heavyweights & Featherweights

By: on November 14, 2002 | # | Comments (3)
Have you seen Google Fight yet? It does Google searches for keywords and lets you know who has how many....

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Curious about publicity? Get your name out there!

By: on November 12, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Here's a quick overview of publicity. One of the members from WorkforWriters sent it in and it grabbed my eye....

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Combat training for journalists

By: on November 1, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon is offering to train journalists in the basics of military combat as part of its...

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SATW 2002 Awards announced

By: on October 31, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room," can often be heard from award winning...

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Travel writing groups on Yahoo

By: on October 29, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
I can't believe I'm making the time for these listserve writing groups, but I love hearing other peoples' news in...

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Story angle after story angle

By: on October 25, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I'm fascinated by this web site: Infiltration A zine about going places you're not supposed to go. Such as abandoned...

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441 blogs on Writing/Publishing

By: on October 23, 2002 | # | Comments (3)
Eatonweb's portal of blogs on Writing/Publishing. This is going to take me a while to go through, and I'll probably...

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Guerilla Marketing For Your Book

By: on October 23, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
An author is paying me to get more attention for his book by "recommending" it to other similarly themed books...

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More on the Corleones

By: on October 23, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Random House is on the big hunt for an author to continue writing the "Godfather" now that Puzo has passed....

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NATJA Awards--call for entries

By: on October 21, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
The North American Travel Journalists Association is accepting award entries until Nov. 1. It costs $50 to enter or $25...

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Book Expo America May 28- June 1, 2003

By: on October 17, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Yesterday a reader wrote in asking about Book Expo America. I've been to at least three in Chicago, one in...

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2002 Frankfurt book fair ends

By: on October 15, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
TheBookseller.com did a wrap up of the enormous event. I used to want to go, but now I can think...

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Submission Tracker

By: on October 13, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
One of the Written Road readers, Rabbit, pointed me towards the Submission Tracker at WritersMarket.com. All I can say is,...

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job call for travel writers

By: on October 13, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
I was recently reminded of a decent web resource for travel writers. Travelwriters.com A poster on my WorkforWriters listserve mentioned...

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A lonely writer needs your help

By: on October 7, 2002 | # | Comments (5)
Clever or pathetic? You decide... DatingAmy.com In my younger days I might've done something similar just for a laugh. Heck,...

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International jobs

By: on October 6, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I'm looking for work. My part time work ends at the end of this month and though some would say...

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Basics and then beyond

By: on October 4, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
Yesterday I had a conversation with Ken Vollmer who I met on the BootsnAll boards. He is self publishing his...

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Hilarious article about blogging

By: on October 2, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
This is an old MSNBC.com article, but I just found it and it cracked me up. Steven Levy's A Blog...

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Editorial Rates

By: on October 2, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Some Common Rates for Editorial Services put out by Editorial Freelancers Association. I found this through the FREELANCE listgroup. I'm...

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Book Publicity Costs

By: on October 2, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I need to turn in some budget reports this morning for continued efforts for Wild Writing Women: Stories of World...

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Freelance Listserve

By: on October 1, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I don't know the full definition of listserve and I can't be bothered to look it up, but I joined...

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Print On Demand

By: on September 30, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Want info on Print on Demand? Here you go. It came in as a warning that was posted from one...

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Travel Blogs With The Boston Globe

By: on September 30, 2002 | # | Comments (3)
Boston.com, the online version of The Boston Globe is inviting travelers to blog about their travels in their travel weblog...

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"Because You Need To Eat"

By: on September 29, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
That is the coolest motto I've ever seen for a job web site. I think I've just found the best...

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Just Request It

By: on September 24, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I was scouring the net last night looking for apporpriate magazine leads for both myself and the author I'm promoting....

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World-newspapers.com — What a database!

By: on September 20, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Oooh another database toy... World-Newspapers.com is a fast way to look up online media by subject. Or country. Your search...

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Book Publicity getting competitive

By: on September 17, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Did you see this article that came out on Salon yesterday? Bribes, threats and naked readings In a world where...

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Panel discussion on Weblogs at Berkeley tonight!

By: on September 17, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Oh how I wish I was in town for this today... The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism is hosting...

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By: on September 16, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Finally I've found a web site for journalists. I hesitated to say professional writers, because there are tons of sites...

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Thought for the day

By: on September 15, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Happiness = The point where our dreams and needs are in balance...

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potentially profitable writing contest

By: on September 12, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Here's an interesting thing that crossed my desk and I'm not sure what my opinion of it is. A writing...

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Lucky Golfers

By: on September 10, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Hmmm...golfing seems to keep coming across my desk. IF you love golf and are a seasoned writer, and IF you...

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The Iowa School of Writing

By: on September 6, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
For many years I've had it in my head that if I ever went to grad school, the only one...

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Blogging Community About Writing

By: on September 5, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Have you been to HollyLisle.com yet? It's choc-a-block with resources for writers. I was thrilled to find a community of...

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The World Hum weblog is back from vacation!

By: on September 4, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
So happy that Mike and Jim gave themselves a break, and even happier that they're back! The first few days...

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Write Your Way To Australia--CONTEST ALERT!

By: on September 4, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Oh Baby, this is a good one.... Bakpak Travelers Guide is sponsoring a writing contest in which the winner will...

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A Thought On Editing: Cut 50%

By: on August 30, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
The other day I wrote an essay about the demolition of a 19th century sailing ship on the San Francisco...

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Starting a Writers Group

By: on August 29, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
I just joined a writers group last night in Eugene. One woman who had been in the audience at our...

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It's In The Details: An Easy Way To Better Your Writing

By: on August 25, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
When I travel, I look to the trees, the local flowers, birds, and wish I knew their names. I know...

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Press kits for writers

By: on August 23, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Because of my background in PR, I tend to think that everything needs a press kit. In fact, I have...

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the first novel

By: on July 11, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
My friend Lisa, who is on a six month RTW honeymoon, just let me and a few friends know that...

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Consumer Reports Travel Letter

By: on July 10, 2002 | # | Comments (2)
Consumer Reports Travel Letter does an interesting comparison of the six largest independent travel web sites, but still couldn't recommend...

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TripLit.com lists their top ten travel websites...you'll recognize a few of my faves

By: on June 5, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
Ok, so have you heard of TripLit.com? I haven't until now. But I'm intrigued. Could they possibly be the female...

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Getting BootsnAll a People's Voice Award from the Webby's

By: on May 28, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
The Webby Awards are about to announce their 2002 winners and they are currently accepting votes for the People's Voice...

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The Art of Shmoozing

By: on May 17, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Everybody has a different style of meeting people. Important people. The kind of people you wouldn't normally go up and...

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Listen to Nike

By: on April 26, 2002 | # | Comments (5)
Today I was driving a friend of mine to a job interview in Sausalito. The weather was gorgeous and warm—the...

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Climbing the book proposal ladder...Do I need an agent?

By: on April 22, 2002 | # | Comments (1)
So, you've got a great idea for a book and you want to sell it. What's the first step? Well,...

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What's the BEA?

By: on April 21, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
I was getting ahead of myself, wasn't I? Let me explain. Book Expo America is the annual conference for all...

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Book Expo America badges have arrived!

By: on April 21, 2002 | # | Comments (0)
Globe-Pequot Press, our publisher for Stories of World Travel, sent us our badges for BEA this week. With only ten...

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