Bunch of New Travel Books

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hawaii_s.gifI meant to get some market leads up this week, but things have been a bit crazy. I haven't been traveling like our fearless leader and book touring diva Jen, but I'm gearing up for some 2006 travel of my own and finally took the big step of giving notice at my day job this week. (You can follow along at my new Bootsnall blog!)

I've also been adjusting to life as a professional blogger with regular posts at Gadling. I've noticed that I can't help but write about new book releases in the travel genre -- it seems I read about at least one a day, each sounding better than the last. Yet I haven't been able to actually read any of them.

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Is Your Travel Book Necessary?

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explorerseye.jpgThe Independent looks at the anthology The Explorer's Eye edited by Fergus Fleming & Annabel Merullo.

They begin the article with an anecdote about a writer being asked if his travel book is necessary. Do we ever ask ourselves that? I think we just assume it is since we are so impassioned.

You can read their book review here.

It reminds me that there are heaps of good travel books in London. I'm headed there this week. The question is, will I be able to heed the restraints of a tight budget, or will I succumb to the bulging travel essay shelves of Waterstone's.

Travel Books Making the Nielsen Grade

By: on August 26, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
"A Long Way to a Bestseller" came out in The Book Standard, yesterday, listing the top selling travel books according...

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Travel Reads in the Web World

By: on August 18, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
Here are some travel reads that have crossed my desk recently...hopefully you can check them out....just in case I...

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Late Summer Suggestions

By: on August 17, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Boldtype's latest issue is up, and they have a selection of travel books among their extra long list of summer...

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"Hipster" Guides

By: on August 13, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
USA Today recently did a summary of some new "hipster guidebooks". Here is additional information that I found about one...

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Book Review: Belonging

By: on July 21, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Isabel Huggan's Belonging: Home Away From Home is a memoir of her life as experienced through the various places...

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Summer Reading List

By: on July 13, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
I know there are tons of summer reading lists floating around, but I thought the folks at Transitions Abroad...

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InsideOut News

By: on May 27, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
Editor and publisher of InsideOut Magazine, Helene Goupil and Josh Krist, have a new guidebook coming out this October: San...

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Women with Wanderlust

By: on May 20, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
GoNomad has a new article up that features ten books about travel by women. Some great suggestions here from author...

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Asia Grace

By: on May 18, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Asia Grace is a unique photography book self-published by Kevin Kelly in 2002. The production notes of how this...

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Stanfords Book and Map Store

By: on May 16, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
I stumbled upon the website of British map and bookseller Stanfords, which Jen mentioned in 2002. There are a few...

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Guide to Experimental Travel

By: on May 13, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel is due to release in June, so you can't get your hands...

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The Book Standard Features Distant Lands

By: on May 6, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
I was thrilled to see that one of my favorite bookstores, Distant Lands, was the featured bookstore in The Book...

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Book Review: Educating Alice

By: on April 30, 2005 | # | Comments (4)
My mother, a librarian, often suggests travel titles or writers she comes across. About a year ago, she mentioned...

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Book Review: 80 Dates

By: on April 22, 2005 | # | Comments (3)
Title: Around the World in 80 Dates Author: Jennifer Cox Publisher: Downtown Press (2005) Henk, Anders, Solimano, Chester, Garry,...

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Olsson's Travel Book Sale

By: on April 12, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Olsson's stores in DC, MD and VA are running a sale on all travel literature titles. Anything in-stock is on...

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Bill Bryson: the Cliffs Notes Version

By: on March 9, 2005 | # | Comments (4)
If you've only recently discovered Bill Bryson, The Age just ran a nice overview. Have beard, will travel By Jane...

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Don George's New Book on Travel Writing

By: on March 3, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
That's write. That's right! Either way you look at it, Don George is releasing a brand new book about our...

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Travel Writers are Self Indulgent?

By: on February 11, 2005 | # | Comments (0)
Well I don't think any of us will disagree with Tom, but I'm sure we all consider ourselves the exception....

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Growing Up Global

By: on January 10, 2005 | # | Comments (1)
David Armstrong had a review of Growing Up Global in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend: "Life with no homeland,...

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12.05.04 Travel Book Notes

By: on December 5, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
The New York Times Book Review covered travel lit today. And they talked about the travel writing profession. "Happily, the...

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Sunday Travel Book Notes 11.28.04

By: on November 28, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Heaven is alone time. I'm done with the holidays and have just returned to my wireless fixated, blogging, house-hopping, eat,...

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Women Adventurers in the News

By: on November 17, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Women. Women. Women. Sheesh! Just kidding. As I write up my interview for GoNomad and answer questions about why we're...

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Saturday Small World Book Notes

By: on November 13, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
Yesterday I got a $20 Criagslist rideshare from SF to LA from a very cool woman who is doing crazy...

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A Sense of Place Book Tour Continues in Seattle with Rick Steves! 

By: on November 9, 2004 | # | Comments (0)
This is a guest post by Michael Shapiro. Grey skies and an election hangover didn't dampen the mood at Seattle's...

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