Book Expo America badges have arrived!

Globe-Pequot Press, our publisher for Stories of World Travel, sent us our badges for BEA this week. With only ten days left till we depart, it’s still a little early for me to get excited, but the Wild Writing Women as a whole are jumping. A few of us got together this weekend and I passed out kits full of info that included schedules, resources, event programs, maps, and booth numbers for the publishers/vendors we wanted to meet. BEA can be so overwhelming that I thought it was best to arm us with a good balance of visual and print aid beforehand.

Nine of the 12 Wild Writing Women will be invading New York City for this year’s BEA. And the way I can picture ourselves walking en masse down the rows of publishers, it *will* be similar to an invasion. Only difference is that these soldiers are sexy—and ready to promote, powershmooze, and partay.

Last year, Linda and Carla went together and they managed to get over 15 publishers interested in Stories of World Travel. That led to four book offers, and our eventual contract with GPP. Stay tuned to see how we go with pitching Book 2, already in progress…and TOP SECRET.




Ok, now that I’m talking about it, I am starting to get a little excited. But I’ll be going to work the booth for Travelers’ Tales, and Krista and I have lots of prep work to do before the fun starts. I think my biggest task until then is finding the most comfortable pair of shoes I have and building a conference-robe around that. After having been to four BEAs in Chicago and Los Angeles, I know it’s as much a challenge to have your feet hold out the five days as it is to sell your books and proposals! Stay tuned…