Climbing the book proposal ladder…Do I need an agent?

So, you’ve got a great idea for a book and you want to sell it. What’s the first step? Well, go to any writing resource section of book store and you’ll find shelves of books on this very topic. There are tons of books on how to write a book, how to sell a book, and even how to write and a sell a book proposal. After that there’s books on how to publicize and market your book…but lets start at the beginning.

You’ve got an idea. Me too. Maybe it’s the great American novel, maybe it’s a gaudy humor self-no-help book like mine. Either way, it needs to move to the first rung on the book proposal ladder. Fiction or non-fiction, finished manuscript or not, most people ask these questions…

1) Do I need a book proposal
2) Do I need an agent?




Well, here’s some good advice that I’ve found and I’m trying to follow it…

I started to research agents online, and I found one who is giving advice out for free. Lots of them are, but I liked this agent’s style…and web site. Sure it’s intended to weed out a lot of useless submissions, but still. Check out Jenny Bent’s FAQ about Agents, and you’ll find all sorts of easy to understand answers to questions like these:

1) Why do I need an Agent?
2) How do I convince an agent that he/she needs me?
3) Now I have my list of agents, how do I write a query letter that will catch their eye?
4) My prospective agent just sent me a 10-page author-agent representation agreement…
what do I do?
5) What should I expect from my agent?

So, what am I going to do? Well, one, I’m trying to build my name. That’s what the web site is for and if you want one, BootsnAll Consulting, is a great service at reasonable rates. But it’s the clips that really help you build your exposure, and I’m trying to do that too.

Good luck and keep please use this blog to comment on what’s working and not working for you. I’ll do the same.