What’s the BEA?

I was getting ahead of myself, wasn’t I? Let me explain. Book Expo America is the annual conference for all things related to books. It is the big shmooze fest where publishers show off their new titles, booksellers come shop and do all their major fall ordering, agents pitch their best new works, authors hand out and autograph their newsest releases or try and shop around their next great work. It’s even a good place to hunt for your next job if you’re interested in the publishing world. Last but not least it’s also a heyday for all the other things publishing–fulfillment, printing, distribution, book reviewers, publicity, ebooks, audio books, gift books, non books, calendars…you name it. Even down to the coffee that sells in your local bookstore café If it is sold in a bookstore, whoever made it, sold it, or represents whoever made it or sold it…comes to BEA.

This year, BEA, after ten years, is returning to the publishing capitol of the world�The Big Apple. For as long as I’ve been around in publishing (1995) it’s been in Chicago and occassionally in Los Angeles. When in Chicago, it’s always fallen on my birthday, May 30. This year it’s at the beginning of May and will run from May 3-5. But that’s just when the doors are open to the industry..the ones with badges. Set up starts the 29th, I believe, and Krista and I will get there on the first and start setting up the Travelers’ Tales and Birdcage Books booth on the 2nd. Maybe I can get Krista to explain a little bit about what it’s taking her to get ready for this main event.