I need my Centrum! & Blogging in the media

One-a-day vitamins, the birth control pill, apples—I just can’t be bothered with anything besides eating that requires my daily attention. I’m hoping I can grow out of it as someday pets and children will enter the picture. Until then, I’ll have to take my punches with blogging and learn how to dedicate myself on a more regular basis.

That’s the long story excuse. Here’s the short…I’ve been slammed with opportunity! Sorry for my absence, especially since SO much has been going on that’s blog worthy! So, while I get to filling you in on the BEA, TT award ceremonies, meeting authors, and the general overall pursuit of namebuilding, check out these articles on blogging. It’s getting some major attention now, and I love the game. Put me in coach, I wanna play!




Much Ado About Blogging by By Scott Rosenberg
Is it the end of journalism as we know it? Or just 6 zillion writers in search of
an editor? Neither.

Will the Blogs Kill Old Media? by Sigrid Estrada
One blog avatar has formally wagered that by 2007, more readers will get their
news from blogs than from The New York Times
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