lists their top ten travel websites…you’ll recognize a few of my faves

Ok, so have you heard of

I haven’t until now. But I’m intrigued. Could they possibly be the female equivalent to what BootsnAll was three years ago? In their About Us section, there are two email addresses leading to Heidi and Christine…but mysteriously no other contact info. Where are they? How long have they been up?

I found out about them from BootsnAll because they were listed as their #3 fave website. Also on the Top 10 List were some of my other fave travel writing web heads Rolf Potts and World Hum.




The other thing that intrigues me about this site…yes, I still have to get to reading the actual Stories on the site, are the ads for and quote from Jason Wilson. I’ll have to email the lasses, but I wonder if these are just support logos for one of their other beloved sites. I tell you though girls, it raises up the classiness of your site by that much. Good job—I look forward to reading more.

If you’ve been a long time TripLit fan, let me know what you think. You know it’s my job to be a groupie to the goodies.

The only thing missing from Trip Lit is more reference to Travelers’ Tales. Krista, let’s get them some review copies, they are definitely doing them. And check out their Classics section too…