Tuesday night I got a visit from Mike Yessis, co-founder/editor of He and his girlfriend Sarah are currently on a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle. I met Mike nearly a year ago when I found their site and submitted a story that never actually edited itself onto the front page. (Don’t you wish stories could do the work themselves?).

Anyway, co-founder/editor in chief of, Chris Heidrich, and I hosted a barbeque for Mike and Sarah on the Bootporch. As we sat there drinking some beer and enjoying the summer weather, I thought back to the beginning. I liked the World Hum site (then it was just stories and the web log)–now it’s grown to include an impressive list of resource links, interviews, and the web log is being updated near daily. We all know that BootsnAll is my favorite and I tell everyone about them so that’s just what I did. I told Mike and Jim about BootsnAll, and I told BootsnAll about World Hum, and both of them linked to each other. Simple as that. Now, here we were in person talking about life as we know it–travel, work, writing practices….and yes, which songs are overplayed and underplayed on classic rock stations across mainstream American radio. Four people with a few passions in common.




It’s times like these that you think, hey, life is good.

The next day I thought life was even better because Sarah and Mike insisted on taking us to breakfast at the Glenwood in thanks for the bbq. Nick came with me while Chris stayed back to work, and more good food and conversation was had before we wished Mike and Sarah well on the rest of their trip. Welcome to Oregon Sarah, I hope you and Mike had a good time.