Kickin it into high gear!

Yeah! I jammed on the humor book this weekend. Gathered some good leads for interviews and content for the radio show at the same time! Feels great to be working at high speed again. Go figure, happy when I’m relaxed…happy when I’m zoomin. I think the trick is to be able to balance the two and not over due either.

With the humor manuscript due on Aug 15, time is of the essence. Especially since I *want* to try and turn it in before I leave SF on the 8th. Can it be done? Yikes, I’m going to try!




For all of you who are still writing in asking if there’s still time to send in a story–HURRY UP! I need it by the end of this week. And for those of you waiting to see if your story got in…keep waiting. 😉 We won’t be making final final decisions for another two months. First I turn in my draft, then TT gives feedback and asks for changes, then I make the changes, etc. Stories will get bounced back and forth. And believe me, it’s a tough job to cut stories from your friends. Not fun at all. Ok, onto finding sidebars…