–the new look

How excited was I when I called up the Monks this week to let them know that I wanted to feature them as the “Website of the Month” for the Travelers’ Tales July Newsletter, and Michael Lane told me that they were just about to launch their new look! I love getting the inside scoop!

They said it was going to launch on the 4th, but I didn’t get to see it till the 5th. I still can’t get it up and running on Netscape, but if you have IE, use that. It looks very modern, artistic, and it’s a good show considering they also do web design. They’ve got basic pages for writers and artists that start at $199 plus $9.95/month.




They’re motto has gone from “Simple. Mobile. True.” to “Look Deeper,” and both are appropriate. The Monks are about transformation through travel. Their Monk List are city guides that give you info that cuts straight to the heart of the matter—none of that fluffy guidebook stuff for tourists. Their recommendations are unique and out of the limelight locales. I already found two cool spots in Vegas I’d never heard about and can’t wait to see for myself.

Though it’s not mentioned on the site, Michael told me that they are taking submissions for their “Story” and “Slant” sections. Under 1000 words. Travel submissions for “Story,” and articles of social commentary for “Slant.” Check them out: