Motionsickness–a new and different travel magazine

The other day a letter arrived from Steve Wilson, a writer we’ve published in a couple Travelers’ Tales books and a fine fellow who dropped in once on his way through San Francisco to pitch me on a book idea. I liked Steve right away from his story about being down and out in Honolulu that we published in TT Hawaii, and when we were pulling together TT Central America we found another fine, funny piece by him about climbing a Guatemalan volcano. Well, out of the envelope tumbled a premier issue of the magazine he’s just launched, Motionsickness. Well, what a breath of fresh air. The magazine strives to cover the other side of travel, the part that the glossy magazines avoid, the convoluted, complicated stuff that makes the world so messy and travel around it so interesting. Steve’s taken on a challenge, but I’ll bet he’s right that there are readers who want to go beneath the surface of a place and understand how travel affects local communities and environments, how the economics of tourism add and subtract to the well-being of “picturesque” places. When I saw the endpage “Confessional” I was hooked. Any magazine that would run a feature about how a stupid arrogant tourist had misbehaved and now wanted to repent deserves my support. I fished out the subscription card and mailed in my check. Good luck, Steve. The rest of you, check it out at