Paying travel markets for your stories

If this doesn’t get you excited, stop writing.

While searching around for resource links for the last post on writing a novel, I ran into a great database that searches paying and non paying markets–AND gives you the direct link to the publication’s website, contact info, and link to their guidelines.

Paying Nonfiction Travel Markets
(search Paying, keyword “travel”)
41 results including names such as: Arizona Highways, Big World, Caribbean Travel and Life, Fine Food & Travel, (I didn’t know they paid), GORP, Iagora, Islands, Marco Polo, and National Geographic Traveler, to name a few.




Non Paying Nonfiction Travel Markets
(search Non Paying, keyword “travel”)
The search results were less impressive, but still included publications that were new to me.

I don’t think this database is a comprehensive list, but it’s enough to get the wheels turning and the queries out!