Temporary lack of interest

Today is San Francisco’s Books by the Bay, a celebration of Independent bookstores. A day where indie bookstores come together to support the book community, sell their wares, and have a day of author readings, signings, and events.

The Wild Writing Women were asked by Book Passage to come by their booth and sign some books. Last week I said that I could go, but my interest has diminished since then. While yes, I have a weekend jam packed with trying to meet some deadlines for the humor book, let alone getting on top of the radio show, and then also attempting to log some web hours for Travelers’ Tales…I could scrunch it in if I really wanted to.

And I don’t. I’m also passing up doing an event for Stories of World Travel at the Capitola Book Cafe Tuesday July 23rd. Again I have other obligations, but nothing that I couldn’t go out of my way to change up if I really wanted to go.




So, what’s going on with me? Is this lack of interest solidified to this one week? Maybe. If being a successful athour is 40% writing and 65% marketing yourself, how long can someone keep that gig up? I certainly haven’t been to all the WWW events, but I’ve been to a fair share including the NW book tour. Am I just tired of it? If yes, that’s an honest but bad attitude.

I’ll stop whining now and say that I’m saving myself up for next year’s big marketing extravaganza with the humor book. Yeah, that’s it. 😉 Oh and BTW, if you’re in the Bay Area today, go check out Books by the Bay — it’s a good event for book lovers. Here’s their event listing.