Wanna Be a Travel Writer? A few places to get your feet wet…

Christine, a Travelers’ Tales editorial assistant, and all over fun loving yet ambitious travel lover, has packed up her belongings in the office and is readying herself for her long awaited rtw trip. I really admire her vision of adventure—Christine has been saving all her bday, holiday and grandparent money since she was 16. And now her dream is becoming a reality.

On my last stint to SF, Christine got me pint-side in an Irish pub and asked me to suggest some publications where she could start getting some clips while she was on the road. I said, hold that thought, I need to blog it!

So, if you are out there wondering the same thing, READ on to see a few web sites, journals, and magazines that are taking submissions for travel stories and articles.

1) The first thing I recommended was that she get a blog from BootsnAll.com. This is a very easy way to spit out your daily musings and journal notes to your friends and family. And it has an automatic way for them to respond. No worries about Hotmail or Yahoo being down at the internet cafe that’s charging you $3-4/hr. Christine is seriously considering it, and also writing a travelogue through BootsnAll. (Something I also enjoyed doing while I was gone.) Want to write for BootsnAll? Here’s where you find out how.

2) The next thing I suggested was that Christine pitch articles that tied into her experiences with Leap Now. It’s a cool organization that is helping her find work and volunteer opportunities abroad that are specifically paired with her interests. Dozens of options to choose from. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it for the security of knowing ecerything is lined up when you get there. She can write a story not only about Leap Now, but also about drumming in Africa, teaching Englsih in Guam, or any activity she decides to select. (And there’s so many choices!) I thought her rtw experiences would make a perfect column in Passionfruit. But when I looked it up online, I doubted whether or not it was even still in print. I wrote the editor, but no response. Still she’ll have plenty of angles to pitch anywhere.

3) Now, here are some travel web sites and magazines that are taking submissions:




KineticTravel Network:
Kinetic Travel was named by Writers Digest (Jan 2002) as the #4 place to get published online. They make it easy to get to know what they like. Here are there Submission Guidelines.

Transitions Abroad:
The Guide to Learning, Living, and Working Overseas. It is a full color print magazine, and excellent online resource. Here’s how to how to write for them.

Things Asian:
A community of writers sharing their travel experiences through word, photography, and art. Here are their guidelines.

The Journal of African Travel Writing:
A semi-annual print journal and web site dedicated to presenting and analyzing accounts of past and contemporary African travel. Writer’s Guidlines Authors are paid five copies of the issue and the Summners Prize for Excellence in Travel Writing is given out each year to a contributor, ($250).

A UK magazine for people with a passion for travel. I love this magazine. Glossy, practical, and entertaining. They’re always sponsoring contests, and though they say you have a 1/800 chance of getting accepted, follow their guidelines to a tee to better your chances. (Though you should do that with all your submissions).

Go Nomad:
A web site that promotes sustainable and responsible tourism. Yes, they take submissions.

Some web sites that will give you credit, but no dinero:
World Hum: If you’re really into knowing what’s going on in the travel writing world, keep track of their top rate web log.

Planeta.com: Eco Travels in Latin America
(check back, I’ll post more here later)