Bruce Kelley, editor-in-chief of San Francisco Magazine

Last night was another smash hit for the Wild Writing Women. Our monthly literary salon at the Monticello Inn continues to draw a lively crowd of over 50 people. Wine and appetizers are provided by the Monticello Inn and Puccini & Pinetti. It’s a great time for writers, editors, publishers, and other artists or journalists in the Bay Area to get together.

Each of the wild ones takes a turn hosting a salon, and this month it was my turn. I asked Bruce Kelley to be our guest speaker. Bruce is the editor-in-chief of San Franciscomagazine, and has been an editor in the Bay Area for numerous magazines including Sunset, California, and Health magazine. Bruce enlightened us all on the fight that San Francisco magazine has had to stay afloat over the last few years. He’s done an amazing job of reviving it’s circulation and the magazine has grown from circ 6,000 to 20,000 subscribers since he joined them in 2000.

For all you writers out there, San Francisco magazine is focusing on two things…bringing the people of the Bay Area what they need to know, and high quality investigative reporting. I was amazed to hear Bruce tell us that the reporter for their award winning story, “Trouble in the Presidio” (about mismanagement of the Presidio Trust), was on the story for six months. It ended up receiving a nomination for a national magazine award.




Other notables in the audience last night were: Malcolm Margolin publisher of Bay Nature and Hey Day Books, Larry Habegger executive editor of Travelers’ Tales, Brad Newsham author of Take Me With You, Judith Haden photographer for Oaxaca: The Spirit of Mexico, Richard Sterling editor and author for over eight food books through Lonely Planet and Travelers’ Tales, Paul McHugh Outdoor Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle, Carol Duchamp of Art Trek, and more.

The Wild Writing Women literary salons are held the first Wednesday of every month. To find out more about our events, visit our calendar