Creative Nonfiction Magazine Part I

I only just found out about this magazine, and that makes me feel like I’ve been living in a literary cave.

Creative Nonfiction is a tri quarterly magazine founded and edited by Lee Gutkind. It is dedicated to the genre called “Creative Nonfiction” and maybe what was once called “New Journalism.” So, what’s creative nonfiction? I’m going to let them tell you how they define it. Creative Nonfiction is…

I’m impressed that there are still editors and publishers willing to dedicate their time and energy into publishing quality writing in this kind of economic climate. The first thing that grabbed my attention when I started going through their web site was that one of my favorite writers, Terry Tempest Williams, had a story in their current issue. It was also great to see other TT contribors such as Andrei Codrescu on the list, among others.




CNF has had 18 issues already! Check out their back list, and submission guidlines before submitting.

Here’s where you can sign up for CNF’s email updates.