Deadline extended…for me

Well, I will let you know that I’m human. I need more time on the humor book. And I fessed up to Travelers’ Tales one day late on my contract. They were quite understanding and supportive. Sitting on the publishing side, I’ve seen many outside editors turn in a late manuscript. I didn’t want to be in that camp, but now I am.

And now that I’ve got the deadline extended, I want to head over to Book Passage for the fun tonight! But with all the rushing around I’ve done today, I don’t think it will happen. First I have to move my bags and return the borrowed car. I’ll be headed back up to Oregon tomorrow morning.




But back to the book, have any of you read any great Anne Lamotte pieces in a magazine? I know she writes for California but I think that’s food related and I haven’t seen any. I’ve already gone through her non fiction books and haven’t found any fresh excerpts that we haven’t already used in other Travelers’ Tales books. Anyway, if you know of any unforgettable stories from her, please pass them on.

Have a great weekend. I’ve got some good resources coming your way in the next blogs!