Hitchhiking on Yachts with Doug Lansky

It’s tough to stay on top of everyone in the travel media…and I’ve been reminded of that several times this week. Here’s Travelers’ Tales’ editor/author Doug Lansky on The Savvy Traveler.

(here’s the blurb from The Savvy Traveler)
Interview: Doug Lansky, Hitchhiking on Yachts
Hitchhiking is a rule of thumb when it comes to traveling the world on the cheap. Our Vagabond Traveler Doug Lansky shares his tips on hitchhiking on yachts. He gives the finer points on talking your way onboard, as well as some good sea routes to explore.
Bulletin Board for yachters
Post for crews




Doug’s interview is available in real audio through the Savvy Traveler site.

Who’s Doug Lansky? You can find out at his web site, DougLansky.com, or by checking out his award winning books with Travelers’ Tales:
There’s No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled
Last Trout in Venice